Feb 25 2023

Top 4 Certifications to Add to Your Teaching Resume

Aqib Raja

Career advice

Teaching can be a rewarding profession. You have the opportunity to be a valuable influence on the minds of future generations by guiding them throughout their educational career. The academic field is a competitive one, and gaining the right position can be difficult unless you separate yourself above and beyond other candidates.


You may have recently graduated and are ready to start your first teaching position, or you could be prepared for advancement at your current job. Either way, if it is time to start revamping your resume, you will need to create a winning strategy built through initiative and experience.


If you have little experience, you can still create a resume that will land you an interview. Investing in yourself by taking reputable online safety training courses and upgrades to your credentials can set you apart from other candidates. In the end, you want to be the most well-rounded resource for your students and school. Let’s take a look at a few certification courses that will help you build a strong teaching resume.


First Aid


Every adult, especially those working with children, should invest in a first aid training certificate course. Emergencies can happen at any moment, and it’s vital to be able to act quickly with the right knowledge to help in any situation. Reacting swiftly and confidently to emergencies involving staff or children in your school can enable you to save lives. Adding a first aid certification to your resume will inform potential employers that you are trained and ready to handle any situation.

Early Childhood Education


Becoming an effective teacher begins with a deep understanding of the nature and psychology of children. Teaching children is more challenging than any other form of instruction. You may have earned your teaching degree, but that doesn’t mean that you will be able to navigate a classroom full of children with ease. Investing in an Early Childhood Education certification can help you show employers that you have a proactive sense of responsibility and have the subtle skills required to teach children effectively.

CPR for Children and Infants


If you have previous training in first aid, you likely learned how to perform general CPR on an adult. Although this technique can be effective on fellow adults and staff members, subtle differences need to be applied when performing CPR on children and babies. A child’s body, specifically their ribcage and chest plate, is much more delicate than in an adult, and special care should be taken when applying CPR. Investing in child and infant CPR and adding your certification to your resume can be viewed as advantageous to future employers.

Child Protection


As a teacher, you will spend many hours with your students and know them and their families well. Teachers and school staff members are often the first lines of defense when it comes to the welfare of a child. Teachers with a child protection certification have the knowledge that it takes to identify and act when they suspect that a child could be suffering from abuse. This type of certification is something that prospective employers will value.

Earning certifications can help you increase your marketability as a teaching candidate, help you reach a new promotion, and give you a level of credibility that will set you apart from other teaching candidates. Invest in yourself today with some of these certifications that will give your resume a boost. 

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