Aug 16 2021

Teachers Can Use These Apps To Make Online Learning More Effective

Pete Alisher

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In recent years, online learning is at an all-time high, allowing people from all over the world to connect and learn about certain things, all thanks to technology. But this kind of teaching model is not easy, trying to share information through a screen and make it interactive like you would in a classroom can be challenging! So here are some apps to make online learning more effective! 


Providing students with the needed material is one, but creating an interactive environment is essential if you want to make your lessons more effective! Also, the Trello app allows you to use multiple forms of media, set deadlines, and allow your students to be collaborative on one board. With a clean and easy-to-use design, you can plan projects and grade work, allowing your students to display their work in every media, regardless of if it’s text, photos, videos, and similar! 

Klassroom app

A large part of studying goes on doing homework, it’s an essential part that every student is obliged to do. But remote learning can be tricky, teachers have to deal with a lot of different students, making it difficult to keep track. But with a smart layout, the Klassily acts as a homework app with the Klasswork feature that gives you the option to be more organized with your work.  But it also allows both teachers and parents to keep track of the child’s progress. Learning remotely can be hard for children, so parents need to be involved in the process - with this feature they can easily do so!


Discord is extremely popular amongst young people, it was most commonly used in the gaming community, allowing people to stream and video call each other whilst in-game. So a lot of young people are already acquainted with this platform, and teachers can easily use this to their advantage. Discord will capture the attention of students as it allows you to share a screen, use video and audio, create groups and special chats where people can post their projects.  This isn’t the most conventional pick, but a lot of online schools have opted for this app, as it’s suitable for the students! 

Google Classroom

Again, in order to make remote learning possible, you need to use the right set of tools. Thanks to Google Classroom, you’ll feel like you are in a real classroom with its innovative options and good layout, which teachers can easily manage.  This is a good platform that allows teachers to assign work, give out lessons and keep track of upcoming projects - staying organized is key in order to make remote learning effective. This will allow both students and teachers to obtain a clear and stress-free connection and stay on top of things! 

Bottom line is, every remote learning app is different, it all depends on the subject matter and what suits the needs of students and teachers. Some are more visual and rely on using different types of media, whilst others are more for organization and monitoring purposes, so knowing the many options is important!

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