Apr 21 2020

Take Your Academic Journey Abroad to These Top Universities

Aqib Raja

Case Studies


Knowledge is power, and where better to get much of it than a university abroad? Other than getting practical skills and knowledge in your field of choice, studying abroad also offers an opportunity to experience living in a different cultural environment.

From learning a new language to building an international network of professional contacts, enrolling overseas can be an enriching and amazing experience altogether. You just need to know where to sign up.

Here's a list of the top international schools you might want to check out, depending on the country you want to visit:

Switzerland: UZH

If you are planning to study in Europe, then the University of Zurich has to be near the top of your list. Established in 1833, the institution has been instrumental in providing excellent instruction in the sciences, making it one of Europe's premier research universities for those taking up medicine, neuroscience, and biological studies in general . In fact, it is home to 12 Nobel Prizes through the likes of such greats as Einstein, Werner, and Mommsen.

Kuwait: AIC

As an institution that promotes personal and professional excellence, the American International College offers a range of courses for both domestic and international students in its 4,000- square meter campus. With a curriculum and school culture patterned after institutions in the United States, the school offers a full range of programs across areas such as business, the arts, and information technology. 

Japan: U-Tokyo

The University of Tokyo has been touted as Japan's most progressive institution for advanced education. Due to its emphasis on technology and cultural harmony, U-Tokyo has become a top destination for international students. In May 2016, over 3,300 international students enrolled in the university, citing its robust research and development culture in life science and other areas. With its diverse program offerings covering the fields of agriculture, education and the humanities, U-Tokyo gives the best kind of education this side of the world.  

Germany: TUM

If you are to rank Germany's best universities, then we can definitely find the Technical University of Munich in the top tier along with the elite University of Heidelberg. One of the earliest state universities focusing on the sciences and engineering, TUM has stood out as an important Nobel factory for producing a total of 17 laureates. Some of its alumni include the likes of chemist Ernst Otto Fischer, engineer and inventor Rudolf Diesel, physicist Wolfgang Paul, and former CEO of BMW, Norbert Reithofer. 

Singapore: NUS

The city is renowned for its quality educational system that recognizes the creative and technical potentials of students. Indeed, the best leaders are trained in Singapore, so it's no surprise that international students flock to schools like the National University of Singapore for further studies. Its undergraduate programs include degrees in arts and the social sciences, business, management, engineering, and medicine, with special programs for obtaining double degrees. 

Getting a degree abroad may cost you a lot. There are tuition fees and airline tickets to be paid for, after all. But if you have a passion for personal and professional success, it's worth taking your chances in the world's best educational institutions!