Oct 29 2022

Studying Human Resources Abroad


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Every company in the world has at least one employee, and while small companies might not need an entire human resources department, even the two-person businesses have at least some human resource-related duties to fulfill. Many human resource tasks can be automated through HR software, but, particularly in larger companies, there are many more jobs that require an HR professional’s skill. The good news is that as the world shrinks through technology, human resource professionals are needed everywhere in the world, so choosing to study this dynamic career abroad is a wise decision.

Multinational Companies Offer Career Advancement

Perhaps the best reason why studying human resources abroad is a good choice is because it opens doors for you in your career. Multinational companies recruit HR candidates from all over the world and are looking for diversity. The more you know about human resource best practices in other countries, the better equipped you’ll be for an HR role in a multinational company. 

Certain aspects of HR are the same no matter where you go, but there are also very specific differences, particularly legally, depending on where a business branch or office is located. When you study human resources abroad, you gain insights into these nuances that make you a more valuable candidate than someone who hasn’t had the international experiences. 

Moreover, multinational companies with offices in several countries have more human resource positions available than companies with just one location. You will have more opportunities to advance your career with a multinational company simply because there are more management and director positions throughout the locations. 

Studying Abroad Expands Your Network

No matter what subject you study, when you take international classes, you’re expanding your personal network. You’re creating contacts in other parts of the world that are going to serve you well when you start your career. You’ll be exposed to international industry experts that you may not otherwise meet and that increases your knowledge base for future employment opportunities.

You’ve probably heard the adage that it’s not what you know, but who you know when it comes to getting ahead in your career. This isn’t entirely true because the skills and knowledge you learn when you study abroad are critical to your success. But, there is no doubt that having a wide network of contacts can provide opportunities to you that you might not otherwise know about. You can’t underestimate the importance of meeting as many people in your industry as possible, particularly in the early stages of your career.

International Internships Lead to Careers

In some countries, internships are extremely competitive, especially for a necessary field like human resources. For this reason, it’s to your benefit to seek an internship with a multinational company while you study abroad. You’re more likely to land an internship in a company you really want to work for and once you have your foot in the door, that internship can lead to a full-time position and a career in your desired field.


Human resources may not be the first field of study you think of when you hear the words “study abroad,” but it’s one that can lead to a lucrative career in an ever-expanding global business world. Position yourself for the HR job of your dreams by studying HR abroad.

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