Feb 08 2020

Six Proven Ways to Ensure a Higher SAT score

Pete McAllister


The day to take the SATs is nearing and you’re looking for any way possible to ensure you’ll do as best as you can to ace the test. Well, worry not as we’re about to share some proven ways to ensure a higher SAT score that will help you get a scholarship or go to your university of choice.


While preparation is key and putting in the work is inevitable, you can always benefit from some tips by people who’ve already taken the test and proved that these ways work. Let’s get started, shall we?

1. Get ready to study like never before.

While we’ve all heard the stories of people who’ve aced their SATs with little to no effort put into it, most of them aren’t real.


Truth is, the SAT’s are very hard and you’ll have to put a lot of your time and effort studying in order to score high. All-nighters aren’t an uncommon thing, but make sure you’re getting your rest done as burning out is never a good option and it won’t be in your favor.

2. Decide on your perfect SAT.

Deciding on your perfect SAT score can help you with determining exactly what you’ll have to focus on in order to achieve it.


Whether it be improving your current score by 50% or focusing on reaching a certain result, having a clear goal to strive to can help you tremendously.


Ideally, your perfect score will be determined by the universities that you want to get into, so do your research and know the results they’re looking for.

3. Do a full SAT test prep.

The only way to ensure that you know what you’ll experience during your SATs is to do the real thing before the test itself. Here you can learn more about what an SAT test prep is and how it can help you increase your test score.

4. Don’t skip on listening to the professionals.

Having a mentor to help you during your preparation period can help you a ton. Maybe just find someone who’s taken the SATs before you, or you can seek the help of expert SAT test prep which isn’t the same as the PSAT.


5. Focus on quality rather than quantity

This is more about the sources you are studying from. While there is a plethora of information nowadays, studying from the right place is far more important than reading everything you find online.


Slow down and try to optimize your studying techniques rather than just doing the work just because it feels right. And that brings us to the last tip…


6. Get to know your mistakes.

While studying for the test itself is important, it’s just as important to study your mistakes. Spend time after each test and try to find what you do wrong. Most of the times you can catch yourself doing repetitive mistakes (or at least similar ones) which can be easily eliminated by going over and examining your tests.


And that’s it. While scoring higher on your SATs is more than just a handful of tips, the ones that we mentioned above can tremendously improve your current score, or at the very least point you in the right direction.