Oct 27 2022

Six Benefits of Online Books Over Printed Books

John Thombson


Since technology has taken over the world, there is a debate between e-books and printed books. E-Books can be read and downloaded from phones, tablets, and laptops. There will always be people speaking in favor or against online books. As the number of tech users is increasing, with this, publishers all over the world have realized the importance of going digital. Getting access to the literature through gadgets can make life easier. They are easy to use and convenient. As internet services gain popularity, people are going away from physical book reading. It’s hard to carry them anywhere you want. In all of this, getting along with the changes in the world has become necessary for book publishers.  

Moreover, there are many benefits of online books. Continue reading to know the top six benefits of online books and why people prefer them over physical books. Dig it now! 

1. Ease in Availability of Books

Portability is one of the most amazing things about online books. Thousands of books are available at one place all the time. Libraries may run out of books once someone takes them to read. But from online resources, million copies of the same book can be downloaded. Also, one can download as many books as one wants. Students can benefit so much from this facility. Taking help from multiple books at a time can be beneficial for studies. And this eases the physical burden of carrying books. One also doesn’t have to worry if the local library will have the required book or not. Just go through the internet
and locate the book you want.  

2. Easily Accessible Everywhere

If you have a gadget and an internet
connection, you can access e-books anywhere. Only ensure to have a strong internet connection when reading e-books for an uninterrupted experience. Windstream can be a great option for you. Click here https://www.localcabledeals.com/windstream/customer-service to get detailed information about its high-speed internet plans. 

However, printed books can be forgotten or misplaced. E-Books are always saved on your gadget. Even if they are deleted by mistake, you can download them again easily. The online database will always have your book. The tension of misplacing the books can be taken off forever. This was especially the case during the strict lockdowns of COVID-19 pandemic. The transition to online classes was made easier through e-books. This way, teachers and students both benefited from the online availability of books.  

3. Saves Money and Time

The problem with printed books is that they are heavy on the pocket most of the time. Though there are many cheap versions available, the more famous and lengthier books are expensive. This is not the case in online books. Most online database offers books free of cost. Even if some books cost money, there are many online resources that have the same books for free. 

Another disadvantage of printed books is that one has to travel to get them. A trip to the library or a bookshop takes time. For e-books, one just needs to connect the internet to the gadget and there you have it. E-books save time and money.

4. Not a Burden on Eyes

Contrary to the popular belief, reading books from phones or laptops is not a burden on the eyes. If you are using a special e-reader or simply using your phone, the brightness can be adjusted. The smartphones now a days come with a special dark theme or a blue-eyed filter fit for the readers. So, one can easily read e-books in the dark without damaging the eyes. Reading printed books, especially during the night can be a problem. One needs the lights on for that but it can disturb others. And the low light lamps can actually strain the eyes.   

5. Parental Check

This feature can’t be found in the printed books. All the online resources for e-books or the e-reader come with this feature. Parents can check what sort of books their kids are reading. They can also block a certain genre of books. This facility also provides the parents with information of privacy and age related filters of books. With printed books, parents don’t have this freedom. These books can be snuck in easily.

  • Environment Friendly

Reading printed books seems like a classic thing to do. Reading the book with a cup of coffee sitting beside a window looks good on Pinterest and may feel good in real as well. But these books are a burden on the environment. Trees have to be cut down in order to make paper for the books. With all the climate change happening in the world, switching to e-books is a better option. Availability of books on the internet saves trees which in turn saves the environment of the earth. Readers can read e-books with peace that no tree was harmed in publishing of this book that they are enjoying.

Bottom Line

Book reading is one of the best past time hobbies. Be it the printed books or e-books, the aim is to enjoy literature. With the change of time, book reading habits are also changing. The shift from printed books to e-books is evident. The many benefits of online reading are compelling more people into it. The comparison of both makes e-books easier than printed ones. These are accessible, are light on the pocket, save time, easy on eyes, and are not harmful for the environment. The shift of books on the internet should be appreciated and be used wisely.   

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