Aug 10 2021

Six Areas That a Good Employment Law Expert Can Help You with



Employment attorneys handle tons of issues related to employment, so whether you feel as if you’re being discriminated against at work or you believe that you are being paid less than your coworkers, it might be time to contact one of these experts. Employment lawyers can help you with all types of work-related problems and issues.

If the problem at hand can’t be handled without a lawsuit, they will handle all of the litigation from start to finish. Work-related legal issues are sometimes difficult to handle on your own, but the right employment attorney can help make it much easier in the following ways:

1. Termination Without Cause

Sometimes people’s employment with a company is terminated without cause. A lot of times, they are let go because the company is restructuring or downsizing, or even because the company is trying to cut costs. If this has happened to you and you feel it is unfair, an attorney who specializes in employment issues is ready to help.

They review the information you provide and let you know if they believe that you have a case, and they’ll make sure that case is treated the way it should be so that you can get results.

2. Misclassification: Employee vs. Independent Contractor

Determining the type of employment you have is crucial because it affects everything from how much taxes you pay to your specific job duties when you’re at the office. Sometimes employers will misclassify your type of employment, and the results are often devastating. If you feel that your employer has either deliberately or accidentally misclassified your type of employment, employment lawyers can help you figure it all out so that the right thing can be done in the end.

3. Severance Pay Issues

When you are suddenly let go from your employment, you may get a severance package, which is also known as a layoff package or “pay in lieu of notice.” If you are unhappy about being laid off with little notice or you have any questions or concerns about your severance package, an attorney can help you determine what can be done about it.

Being let go all of a sudden can be very upsetting, especially if you feel as if the severance pay isn’t what it should be. In this case, a good attorney can help.

4. Understanding Employment Contracts

Employment contracts, or employment agreements, are an important part of getting a new job. The right attorney can help you if you’re considering taking a position but don’t understand your employment contract, or if you feel that your employer has misrepresented something or isn’t doing what they said they would do when you signed the contract. In cases such as these, a good lawyer can help you sort through everything and decide if your employer did anything wrong.

5. Harassment and Discrimination

Even in the 21st century, there is still harassment and discrimination going on in the work force. This is unfortunate, but if you find the right employment lawyers, they can provide you with a remedy so that you can decide what to do next. No one should have to suffer with either of these things in today’s workplace, but since these things are illegal everywhere in Canada, you can easily do something about it and the right lawyer is waiting nearby to help you get started.

6. Issues Related to Disability

By law, your employer has the obligation to accommodate you as best as possible when you have any type of disability, and a good lawyer can be there to make sure that’s what they do. If you have any type of disability and you’re unsure about the law or you feel that your employer is not accommodating you, it might be time to speak with an employment attorney.

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