Feb 03 2024

Serhiy Tokarev about Chat GPT trends that await the IT industry in the future


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Serhiy Tokarev, one of the co-founders of the technology company Roosh, highlighted the importance of OpenAI ChatGPT in artificial intelligence. Launched in November 2022, this product has become not just a tool, but a real trend in the field of information technology. Serhiy Tokarev emphasized that this product will become a catalyst for technological transformations shortly, and its impact will be felt in various aspects of information technology. Tokarev's expectations for ChatGPT paint a picture of the product's importance in the industry, predicting that its innovative solutions will be the linchpin for evolution in the field of artificial intelligence and technological development in general.

ChatGPT and the Future of Artificial Intelligence

A breakthrough in the world of artificial intelligence, ChatGPT is becoming a central figure in conversations about the evolution of technology. Following on from the successes of GPT3, the new version of GPT4 provides a wide range of features, from business models to image creation. Serhiy Tokarev emphasizes that the development of AI, although it will replace some professions, raises questions about how quickly and deeply this will happen. The timing of modifying tests to identify AI is becoming an urgent concern as the lines between human and artificial intelligence in online communication become increasingly blurred.

We are facing a period of incredible change in the world of technology, caused by the emergence of ChatGPT, which is leaving its mark on major market participants, including even such a giant as Google. According to Serhiy Tokarev, Google may face a serious loss of reputation, which, in turn, may lead to a negative downward movement of its shares soon.

This prediction by Serhiy Tokarev emphasizes the importance of constant change and flexibility in the rapidly changing world of technology. In such an environment, it is important to maintain a constant focus on innovation, as it can have a significant impact on market dynamics. Companies' reputations and positions become extremely vulnerable as technology advances rapidly and they are forced to actively adapt to remain competitive.

Industries with the Implementation of Chat GPT

In addition to the buzz around ChatGPT, entrepreneur Serhiy Tokarev points to other promising industries. He brings up the topic of biotechnology, which includes analytics and manufacturing. An example of success in this area is BigMind, which is engaged in protein synthesis, a key task for humanity. Tokarev sees enormous opportunities for breakthroughs in this area. He also highlights significant improvements in big data analytics, where scientists are using AI to optimize their research, avoiding redundant steps and selecting optimal simulation scenarios for experiments.

In a world where technology is changing everyday life, communications are undergoing significant transformations. In areas such as call centers and customer support, artificial intelligence is becoming a key player, automating responses to simple queries and streamlining processes. About 90 percent of communications can now be processed by AI, saving time and resources.

However, with the advent of powerful AI comes the danger of replacing creative specialists such as designers, programmers and content writers. According to Serhiy Tokarev, the future will divide people into those who create algorithms and invent new ones, and those who simply use them in everyday life. In this new reality, Ukraine, as Serhiy Tokarev predicts, will take a leading position in the development of algorithms, contributing to an innovative future.



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