Sep 24 2022

Sergey Tokarev: New educational platform to unite ML, AI, and data science specialists in Ukraine

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On September 27, the IT company Roosh is launching AI ​​HOUSE CLUB. It is going to be an online platform that will unite Ukrainian AI specialists and give them an opportunity to improve their knowledge, work with mentors, and be updated with the most recent relevant studies and research. The educational process will be focused on the Artificial Intelligence (AI) ​​and Machine Learning (ML) industries. According to Sergey Tokarev, the Roosh founder, AI ​​HOUSE CLUB will combine best practice approaches and the best professionals willing to share their experience.

The platform provides the following courses:

  • - Natural Language Processing: Trends & Solutions
  • - Product School for ML experts: from 0 to 1
  • - Fake News Detection
  • - MLOps. Deep dive into modern ML productionalization


According to Sergey Tokarev, the educational process in AI HOUSE CLUB will be provided in different forms, including training in small cohort-based groups which will allow same-level students to adopt the training program simultaneously. Other forms will allow students to conduct case studies, work with mentors, develop projects both individually and in teams, and participate in free Research Paper Clubs.

"The key task of Roosh is to develop the product IT and AI spheres in Ukraine and do it with help of education as well. Creating the new platform AI HOUSE CLUB aims at providing relevant approaches to education,” says Sergey Tokarev.

AI HOUSE CLUB CEO Bogdan Ponoma adds that the educational process aims at letting AI specialists polish their skills and knowledge and learn about recent developments and studies. To enter the club, applicants are expected to describe their AI experience and write a motivation letter.

“We’ve combined the practical experience of teachers, constant online facilitation, and support within the community. Such an approach to education will allow specialists to significantly accelerate their professional development," adds Tokarev.

The platform’s website, you can find the list of some of the teachers: Viktor Didkovskyi (Senior ML Engineer at Energi.ai), Dmytro Voitekh (Lead ML Engineer at Proxet/GIPHY), Volodymyr Sydorskyi (Deep Learning Engineer at Respeecher, Kaggle Competition Master), and Roman Kyslyi (Ph.D. in Computer Science, Former Data Lead at Deloitte).

Sergey Tokarev notes that in September, there will be several events on the based of the platform. Al the events will be relevant to ML/AI specialists, and participation will be provided in exchange for a donation to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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