May 01 2023

Sergey Tokarev: ChatGPT will soon be not the only leader among AI-based products

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Sergey Tokarev is a Ukrainian IT entrepreneur who became interested in artificial intelligence long before it became a topic of discussion everywhere. Sergey Tokarev founded the Roosh company, which is engaged in machine learning and the development of artificial intelligence, so he, like no one else, can tell about the coming future in the face of AI.

In light of an open letter signed by famous personalities who demand to stop the training of artificial intelligence systems more powerful than GPT-4, a Ukrainian tech media Speka decided to ask Tokarev for his opinion on everything that is happening now in the field of AI.

Sergey Tokarev believes that the singularity has already arrived. He discusses the opportunities and risks of using artificial intelligence in his interview and recommends reading the previous material on the challenges and prospects of the Ukrainian IT market during the war.

Is the future already here?

Sergey Tokarev believes that this year there has definitely been a revolution in the field of artificial intelligence with the advent of OpenAI technology, which is comparable to the advent of the Internet or a mobile phone. The introduction of GPT3, the first version of AI from OpenAI, was only the beginning of global adoptions, and GPT4, trained on the results of GPT3, is even more advanced.

Technology does not stand at one point, and in the future, AI-based projects must change to fully consider the physical presence of the interlocutor.

Sergey Tokarev listened to an interesting podcast where Reed Hoffman talked to ChatGPT and realized that this AI is trained to capture emotions and provides exactly the answers that the interlocutor wants to hear.

Is it possible to take control of AI products?

Sergey Tokarev isn't sure if it's possible to control how the chat works. In the past, expectations were built that AI would replace working jobs, but not creative processes. But in fact, the exact opposite happened - programs can create pictures, write texts, and code. This is a unique point of singularity when the rate of progress becomes impossible to track and control.

Tokarev believes that many business areas are in danger. Google is particularly concerned because ChatGPT can answer questions and provide accurate and high-quality solutions to problems without adding ads. Sergey Tokarev suggested that soon, Google shares may fall in price because it becomes difficult for them to compete with ChatGPT in this direction of development.

Is it possible to stop the development of this technology?

According to Sergey Tokarev, the development of technology cannot be stopped, and many countries will continue to develop it in secret. However, this year we will define the boundaries of the use of technology and decide what is ethically acceptable and what is not.

There may be many versions of ChatGPT in the future, but its ability to answer certain questions will be ethically limited.

Which occupations will be replaced first?

Creative professions, such as artists, may remain unaffected, but simple professions, such as writing simple texts or music, according to Sergey Tokarev, can be easily replaced by ChatGPT. For example, in a company that creates games with good graphics, the main artist can choose the most suitable ideas from many sketches, and the simple artists who now create such sketches can be replaced by artificial intelligence.

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