Jun 01 2022

Physics, Mathematics and Social Studies Successful Learning: Olga Gutsul's Online School

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Ms. Olga Gutsul from Ukraine talked about her online school Physics, Mathematics and Social Studies Successful Learning, whose tutors will conduct online classes in math, physics and other subjects for students in the United States.

Why Physics and Math

The importance of mathematics is hard to overestimate. It is the subject that makes a person methodical and systematic, helps to order life and prevent chaos. Among the qualities that mathematics fosters in a person are the ability to reason, to think logically, and to think creatively. Mathematics also develops abstract and spatial thinking, teaches critical thinking, and helps solve life's problems.

In the United States and around the world, mathematics is a core subject that is part of the compulsory school curriculum. It is central to many of the most common actions and routines and is involved in everyone's daily activities: helping with shopping, banking, cooking, and home repairs.

Modern society, which is increasingly dependent on digital technology, requires an increasingly solid knowledge of mathematics. Without it, there is a high probability of facing a host of negative consequences in adulthood. Without a basic knowledge of mathematics it will be difficult to find a decent job and to be an economically independent member of society. Because of these factors, it is very important that students begin to develop basic math concepts and skills at an early age.

Physics is also extremely important in education, although not every student will continue to study physics at a deeper level after high school, everyone even unknowingly uses basic physics concepts to navigate everyday life. Physics, as the study of matter, energy, and the interactions between them, helps us understand the laws and rules that govern the world around us.

People use the principle of physics in a number of everyday activities of life, such as walking, cooking, simple actions with tools, observing, and more.

The goal of Physics, Mathematics and Social Studies Successful Learning, led by Olga Gutsul, is to promote education in the United States through modern technology - online tutoring.

About the benefits of online learning

The U.S. today, like many other countries, suffers from a shortage of professionals qualified in the field of online learning, the demand for which is constantly growing.

Learning operates as a center for online education, providing a variety of high-quality lessons that allow students to develop academic fundamentals and confidence. The company strengthens the academic abilities of its students in a number of important areas, such as math, physics, social studies, and others. Successful Teaching Physics, Math and Social Studies uses several proven teaching methods to help its students instill a love of learning, while giving them the tools and confidence to do so.

Online tutoring has become increasingly important in recent years. Being physically present in the classroom is no longer the only way to learn, a fact that became especially evident during the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, students can get a quality education anytime, anywhere as long as they have access to a computer. Various experts call it the Online Education Revolution.

About Olga Gutsul

Ms. Gutsul has a bachelor's and master's degree in alternative energy, both from Yuri Fedkovich University, Chernivtsi National University, Ukraine. Olga began her professional career in 2007, working as a safety and security specialist for VENBEST Ltd. In 2008 she became a technician of the first category in Chernivtsioblenergo, where she worked until 2016.

Key Contributions: Companies and Partnerships

Ms. Olga Gutsul is the founder and director of Maths, Physics, and Social Studies Successful Learning Incorporated. This is a US-based company that provides online learning services. The company is committed explicitly to offering US students an opportunity to improve their learning mindset by making them pro-education. It gives a strong emphasis on mathematics, physics, and social studies.

Olga plays a major role as the lead tutor. She guides the operations of this online learning center to ensure it meets its goals of providing high-quality education that instills confidence and sets a resounding learning foundation.

The company will tap into its founder and director's resourceful years of experience to engage students using proven educational methods that help students boost their learning experience. With her expertise in energy engineering, a course that explores in-depth physics concepts, Olga's input in the value-driven lessons provided by her company will be fundamental to the students.

Ms. Olga also partners with Hanna Verezakh, Galina Andrushchak, and Ivanna Herman — seasoned professionals with several years of teaching experience.

The company is committed to taking physics and mathematics education to a new level. Especially Olga's work as an entrepreneur in the field of online education and as a tutor will help the penetration of quality educational services into rural areas.

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