Jul 23 2022

Parents Can Help to Increase Student's Progress

Judy Franco


Parents play very vital roles in their student's academic life. This can either provide them with emotional support or buy relevant education materials. It's evident that students whose parents are in their school life perform great and have good feelings about school.

With lots of pressure from other activities, it can be very challenging for a parent to know exactly which parenting strategies promote learning. There is so much that you can do. But here are the best ways to increase the student's progress as a parent.

Motivate, avoid petty punishments

Well, maybe you have experienced it, or you have done it. Taking away something that the student loves to try and motivate them. This could be their phone, gaming console, or their favorite novel. This typically feels like a petty punishment. The problem with this is that you are putting too much pressure on your child.

Studying in school is sometimes challenging and requires positive motivation. Make sure that you motivate your kid instead of punishing them. Nurture a strong sense of motivation by talking to your child positively. This will help the child learn self-control and develop effective ways to solve school challenges.

University life is challenging, especially now that students have specialized in the fields of their interests. Here, students have to work hard to succeed in their future careers. Otherwise, poor grades will result in career issues like rejection by various companies. Some assignments like essay writing often take a lot of time, especially when the topic is complex and too long. Students can think like "I wish someone would do my coursework instead of me" and in this case, the internet comes to the rescue. They could ask for help with homework from EduBirdie to ensure that they get high grades. With it, they will also get quality reading time for the other units.  

Buy educational games

Students love games. What matters is the kind of game that they are playing. Over the years, the gaming sector has undergone many advancements to the point of developing games that support learning. If you can turn the learning process into a game, the child will respond and learn more effectively. 

Games teach students organization skills and problem-solving skills and increase their speed when solving school-related challenges. All these skills are very vital for academic improvement. You should ensure that the child is not spending too much time gaming. So, get the best gaming device for the child to keep them engaged in a meaningful learning activity.

Buy revision materials

It's your duty as a parent to be concerned about your child's academic performance. Still, it's normal to feel irritated by the student's poor performance. But what's important here is whether you have bought the right revision materials for the kid. Excelling academically is all about reading widely, and if the student doesn't have enough reading 

materials, they are likely to fail.

So, ensure that you buy the best revision materials. There are so many in the market, and you can easily connect with the class teacher to know which one is the best. This will make academic subjects relevant to your child. It's very challenging for them to focus and truly enjoy a subject without the necessary materials for further research.

Let them follow their passion

Most of the students will admit that they have challenges with their parents when choosing a career direction. For instance, the child may be willing to become a teacher while the parent demands the child change their passion for being either doctor or engineer. It is a common challenge that most learners face, especially at the high school level.

The best thing here would be to let them follow their passion. If the child is happy in whatever they aspire to become, they will work hard to get it. And this improves their academic performance. So, if the child shows specific interest and takes a lot of joy in a particular career, support them.

Teach your child to handle failure

Academic life is never straightforward. There is a lot of competition. At one point, your child is the best. On another occasion, they are not even close to the top five in the class. So, does this mean that the child is not working hard? The answer is absolutely no. Focus on the marks and not the position. 

If there is some good improvement, reward them. Ensure that you teach your kid how to handle failure when it happens. Any skill requires a period of incompetence for one to get competent. Teach the child to keep trying even if they are failing. 

Help them create a flexible schedule

A flexible schedule is very vital for academic success. But most of the students hardly know how to create one. They are more focused on quality grades, and hence they are more likely to create unrealistic schedules. A too-congested learning timetable is likely to drain the child. 

Plan for your kids a flexible learning schedule with breaks in between for relaxation. Breaks allow kids to rest and meditate on whatever they have been taught over time. Just teach them simple exercises like breathing exercises or even meditation for break times.

Provide excellent internet connectivity

Gone are when students were not allowed to use phones or tablets while learning. Over time, technology has helped people create many learning materials on the internet. Allow the child to access the internet to download, watch and read educational materials. Academic success is mainly founded on the ability to remember and regurgitate facts. 

With just a click of the mouse, learners can get answers to almost all the questions on the internet. Kids who have quality and safe access to the internet usually perform better than those who lack it. That's why you should allow your child to use the internet to increase their school progress.


Parents play a very important role in improving the students' academic performance. Whether you like it or not, you are a key player in your child's success academically. So, you must put your best foot forward to put in place measures that will lead to the child's success. You can apply some of the tips mentioned above to support your child's educational goals. With time, the performance will definitely improve.

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