Apr 25 2020

Opportunities for English Speaker in Vietnam

Joevren Curmi


Recently, the economic growth of Vietnam has been the highest in the world. This country becomes more well-known as the world is sinking down by wide-spreading of Corona pandemic. Surprisingly,  no one is died by this death virus in Vietnam, although it shares the border with China (a centric pandemic of the world) and there are many Chinese visiting Vietnam daily. This is due to the fact that Vietnam government has been proactive and had decisive methods to react to new positive cases. The success of Vietnam in anti-Corona virus will bring a lot of opportunity to grow up its economy when many companies have plans to leave China. Accordingly, a lot of opportunities for both Vietnamese people and English speaking foreigners are emerging. These opportunities include:

1- Travel Agency:

Vietnam has many beautiful beaches, islands, and natural sights which attract many tourists over the world. This country also has flexible visa policies for people from developed countries like France, Nordic Countries, and so on. They can easily access Vietnam for visiting without doing VISA. The food is wonderful with thousands disheshed from three regions of Vietnam, it is not over inflated to say that Vietnam is the kitchen of the world. If you can speak English well, you can work in hotel, tour guider, and traveling services in Vietnam. By accessing this country, you also can easily visit other countries with rich culture in Asean like Cambodia, Laos, Thailand….This is the great chance to open travel agencies and sell tours for Western citizens to go Vietnam and visit other Asean countries.

2- Teaching Jobs:

It is a fact to say that Vietnam is crazy in studying and they really want to go abroad to study and English is considered as the most priority to open the gate for all people and that is the reason people are studying this language very hard in Vietnam. You will find a lot of chance to teaching english from English center to universities. The salary is in the range 1200 USD to 2000 USD/month. With this salary, you can live very comfortable in Vietnam. Further, as a teacher in Vietnam, you will receive respect from parents and kids. They will give you surprised gifts in the teacher’s day 20-11 annually. If you are native English speaking like UK, Canada, USA, Australia, Philipine. You can easily to find an English center to work 3 months and go tourist along Vietnam. A lot of chance for you, and you can find it easily at the website English Work in Vietnam

3- IT Jobs:
Vietnam has a young labor market and people often have good mathematic skills. When one student is considered as a good student people often think that he has is good at mathematic skills. Accordingly, they can think and do logic problems very fast and then there are many good software developer and IT engineers, if you have software company in developed countries, you should set a branch here to hire good developers. Surely, they can help you to solve complicated problems. Based on their mathematic tradition, Artificial Intelligent techniques are one of the most interest of people in Vietnam. You can hire them with a good price while satisfy your requirements.

4- Import and Export:
Vietnam is the second large coffee and rice exporter in the world. They also have alot of potential in agriculture. There are many big industrial companies joined Vietnam like Samsung, Honda, Cannon, and so on. If you want to catch up a good chance, Vietnam is a right place after Covid-19 pandemic is over. Let’s take your bag, buy a ticket and visit at least one time. You can find jobs and contact companies before visiting Vietnam here.