Aug 31 2022

Jobs You Can Pursue with a Hospitality Degree


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In what ways might a degree in hospitality be put to use?

After completing studies in hospitality, one challenge is getting employment in the field. You may be wondering, what kinds of hospitality careers can I get with this degree? Alternatively, what kinds of employment opportunities exist?

Have no fear! A few of the many paths open to those with a degree in hospitality are listed here. Find out what all the different paths in the hospitality industry have to offer and how you may turn your passion into a successful business.

Understanding What a Hospitality Degree Entails

Bachelor of Hospitality Management programs are the most common type of hospitality degree and provide students with a foundational understanding of the hospitality industry as well as the management and customer service skills necessary for success. Understanding the hospitality industry is central to the study of hospitality management.

Superficial social interactions, such as introducing yourself to a new person, require no special skills. These simple interactions require more skills when you add in the difficulty of meeting with important visitors or being in charge of their lodging and other administrative obligations. That's why a degree in hospitality management is a necessary initial step in the process. You'll have a solid grasp of the hospitality business and related areas.

Exactly What Skills Should Students Have upon Graduation?

Receiving a degree in hospitality management will arm you with a wide variety of skills that are in great demand by companies. A few examples are:

  • Networking and Negotiation Skills: You can polish your skills in building and maintaining contacts with others in your industry through dialogue with other undergraduates in your program.

  • The ability to express yourself both in writing and verbally: You will be customers' first point of contact. Through regular group work and presentations, as well as producing plans and reports on your program, you will learn the communication skills needed in the hospitality sector.

  • The ability to lead others and find solutions to problems is essential in the hospitality sector: A competent leader with the necessary skills and traits is required for this. Researching, assessing, and case-analyzing presentations in your degree, as well as coaching your peers through presenting the findings, can teach you these skills.

Since the hospitality business is constantly evolving to meet the needs of its customers, the occupations we list below are by no means exhaustive.

  • Managing and Directing the Tourist Hospitality Industry

Fresh grads with a degree in hotel and tourism management can choose from a wide range of job options in one area of tourist management. Jobs in the hospitality business, such as flight attendant or cruise ship director, can transport you all over the world. But if you'd like a more permanent foothold in the hotel industry, consider the following three options.

Consultant for Tours and Trips

The services of a
travel agency are helpful for anyone taking a journey, whether they are doing so alone, with a companion, or with a large group. Planning a trip may involve searching for a hotel, scheduling excursions, and examining flight prices.

Public Relations and Promotion

A marketing and public relations career may be helpful in the hospitality and tourism industries, depending on the needs of the industry. The success of a hotel, town, or another form of tourist attraction depends on its marketing and public relations efforts because of the impact a positive reputation can have on the number of visitors.

Tour Director and Guide

It is the job of tour guides to lead groups of tourists around famous sites, such as historic neighborhoods, museums, and landmarks. Tourists enjoy tour guides who are well-versed in the areas they visit.

Employment Opportunities in the Recreational and Creative Fields

Some of the fields mentioned above overlap with those associated with fun and recreation. Tourist magnets, like New York and Las Vegas, for instance, naturally have more options for fun than other cities. The following are some occupations that both public and commercial entities may want to fill.

Managing an Amusement Park

Today's amusement parks are so intricate that they require administrators to keep everything running smoothly, on schedule, and without incident. Members of this group can perform and organize promotional events.

Spa and Rest Area Supervisor

Spas invite clients from all over the world and provide an oasis of leisure and enjoyment. The director of a resort is typically tasked with a wide range of responsibilities, from stock management to appointment scheduling to overseeing the staff.

Career Opportunities in Guest Relations in the Hospitality Industry

Those that do well in a social setting will do well in the field of guest relations. Such work is not unique to the hospitality industry but widespread there.

Certified Sommelier or Wine Connoisseur

Expert sommeliers are typically employed by fine dining restaurants, where they put their wine knowledge to good use. They can recommend wines to go with specific foods, help keep restaurants' wine lists up-to-date, and advertise wine-related events.

Officers in Charge of Housekeeping and Repairs

Housekeeping directors typically work in hotels, where they are responsible for a wide range of duties related to maintaining a clean and welcoming environment for guests.

Manager of the Lobby and Front Desk

Every day, front desk managers have various responsibilities such as overseeing employees, handling guest accounts, arranging sales, and more administrative tasks.

Event Planning Hospitality Careers

Event planning is crucial in hospitality since it necessitates the host's participation in preparing for and managing visitor needs. Experts in the field of event planning may display traits such as flexibility, monetary prudence, and multitasking prowess.

Company Event Coordinator

Planning an event from the ground up is the responsibility of an in-house event planner. Planners may be involved in every aspect, from recruiting clients and locations to holding regular meetings and resolving problems.

Industry Standard Conference Planning and Management

The typical day of a conference planner varies significantly from one event to the next. For large-scale events like conferences, trade fairs, and expos, venues generally engage in-house event planners to take care of the details. This includes securing keynote speakers, creating day-of itineraries, and determining where attendees should sit.

Expert in Wedding Arranging

Bridal consultants, often known as wedding planners, can be hired to manage the logistics of a wedding and its subsequent reception. They provide a variety of services, from helping pick the perfect location to compiling the perfect guest list. These consultants may have more flexible work hours than the usual employee.

Beginning a Hospitality Business

There is no limit to one's potential, and your only limitation is your imagination. There are so many opportunities accessible in the hospitality and management business, which encompasses everything from launching a restaurant in Miami to delivering guided tours of the Vatican in Rome.

If you have some initiative, good business sense, and a spark of originality, you can start your firm and take it to great heights.

Hospitality Management Jobs in the Food and Beverage Industry

The food and drink industry is built on two primary pillars: production and distribution. The jobs in the food and beverage business are very similar to those in the hospitality industry. They can be discovered in eateries, vineyards, and meeting halls. This shows how a hospitality career is not just limited to one sector in hospitality.

Assistant or Sous Chef

The sous chef position is one example of an upper-middle management role within the culinary arts and beverage industries. The sous chef works with the head chef, ensuring that all dishes are prepared correctly and that the kitchen runs efficiently.

Supervisor of a Restaurant or Catering Business

Restaurant managers are needed in all eateries, from casual pubs and cafés to fancier places serving a wide range of cuisines. They must see that the restaurant runs smoothly and reliably at all times.

Employee Support Worker as a Caterer

The duties of a catering assistant may vary from one restaurant, hotel, or catering firm to the next.

One Can Go in Different Directions with a Degree in Hospitality

Undergraduate hospitality degree students take on a wide range of subjects covering numerous topics. All the Hospitality and Tourism Management courses, from Convention Sales and Management to Food, Wine, and Beverage Pairing, teach students a new skill that will be useful in their chosen careers.

Because of this, the job market offers ample opportunities to those with degrees in hospitality.

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