Jun 28 2023

Is Learning A Foreign Language Worth It?


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Learning a foreign language is challenging, but it’s exciting and fun. It can open up a whole new world of culture and understanding. It can also let you read books, watch movies, and listen to music in a different language. And you can also learn about the history and traditions of the people who speak the language. 


If these aren’t enough reasons for you to learn a foreign language, continue reading to find more reasons that can convince you to learn one. 


Enhancing Communication Skills 


Learning a new language can improve your verbal and written communication skills. For one, it can help you expand your vocabulary in both your native and foreign languages. This is because when you discover new words in a new language, you must find their equivalent in your native tongue. This can help you rediscover words you may have forgotten or rarely used. 


Moreover, speaking a foreign language forces you to practice critical thinking. When you try to say something in a different language, you must think carefully about how to express your thoughts properly. After all, languages have a lot of nuances that can make it easy to make mistakes. 


The same effect happens when you’re listening to a foreign language. Suppose you’re in a Vietnamese language school. Whenever you’re listening to your instructor or classmate, you have to translate the words in real-time to understand them. This can help you enhance your comprehension and listening skills. 


Career Advantages 



Learning a new language can open up new career opportunities. If you know the language spoken in the country where you want to work, you will have a better chance of getting a job there. You’ll also be more marketable to international companies. 


In addition, being able to speak, write, and understand a foreign language is a valuable skill. Many employers, both local and international, value this skill. It can also help you get promoted and advance your career, which may lead to a higher salary. 


Cultural Understanding and Appreciation 


Learning a new foreign language means more than just learning words and grammar rules. You’ll also learn about the culture and history of the country or region where the language originated. This can help you broaden your cultural horizons and develop empathy for different perspectives. 


Also, if you fall in love with the language, you may better understand the culture’s customs, traditions, and societal norms. This will make it easier for you to connect with people from that culture when you travel there. You can even build genuine relationships with them quickly. 


Cognitive Benefits 


Learning a new language helps your brain create new neural pathways. These new pathways improve your overall cognitive functions, including your working memory. After all, just like a muscle, the more you use your brain, the better it gets. 


A new language can also help you develop better cognitive flexibility. This is because you have to switch between your native language and the new language constantly. When you do so frequently, you become more adaptable and capable of thinking creatively. 


In addition, adding a new language to your repertoire may help reduce your risk of dementia and other age-related brain diseases. Studies have shown that bilingual people are less likely to develop dementia than monolingual people. This is thought to be because bilingualism keeps the brain active and engaged. 


Personal Growth and Development 


Your self-confidence and self-esteem will naturally improve as you experience the benefits of learning a foreign language. After all, you’ll feel smarter and have more employment opportunities once you can dish out words and sentences other than from your native one. 


Learning a foreign language is also a significant accomplishment, which can bring you a sense of fulfilment. And as you know more about the history and culture of the language, you’ll become more adaptable and open-minded. 


Access to Knowledge and Resources 


One of the cool benefits of learning a new language is that you can access all the knowledge and resources written and spoken in it. It can also help you bridge cultural and linguistic gaps since you can understand current issues and news from the countries where the language is spoken. This can help you better understand other cultures and become more aware of critical international issues. 


Meanwhile, if you ever get the opportunity to travel to the countries and regions where the language is spoken, you can even act as a bridge between different communities. You can do this by helping people to communicate with each other and by sharing your knowledge of the culture. 


You can also utilize your language skills to connect with people online. This is a great way to learn about different cultures and to make new friends. 




These are the benefits of learning a foreign language. Doing it is so worth it. So, if you have free time, learn a new one. And if you plan to travel, it’s always a smart idea to learn the language of the countries you want to visit.

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