Jul 07 2022

Is a Charter School a Good Choice for Your Child?

John Moran

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Charter schools are public schools that operate independently from the traditional school district. The schools are generally nonselective, meaning they accept all students regardless of their academic performance. They also tend to be tuition-free or nearly so and do not require children to live in the school’s geographic area. 

While charter schools may have some benefits and drawbacks, researching your options before making a final decision can help you decide if this is the best option for your child.

Your Location from the School

This is possibly the most important factor in choosing a charter school. The location of the school is an important factor because if you must travel several miles to reach the school on a daily basis, you will quickly become frustrated with the commute and may not continue with the charter program. 

Even if your child doesn’t have time to make it to school each day, they are still required to attend classes at least three days a week. You can check around for the best charter schools in Utah.

The Quality of Education

Whether or not your child has a good education at home will also play a major role in whether or not they decide to make the transition into charter schools. 

It is important that your child be given as many opportunities as possible for learning and development, and this is something that can only happen in activities outside of the classroom. This includes school extracurricular activities such as sports, clubs, debates, or science clubs; this helps students grow and develop skills outside of what they can discover in their classrooms.

The Availability of Support

The biggest obstacle many families face when enrolling their child into a non-public charter school is the lack of support that they receive. Charter schools are not run as businesses as public schools are, and it can be difficult to feel like you have positive relationships with your teachers or administrators. You might be able to find support in a parent’s association, but that is about it.

The Cost of Education

For some families, the cost of education can be a major factor in their decision to enroll their child in a charter school. In most cases, families are able to qualify for tuition assistance or even scholarships, but many others cannot afford to pay the price tag that comes with a non-public charter school. 

If you find out that your family has the means to pay for school and you are happy with the quality of education they offer, then, by all means, take advantage of it.

Your Child's Preferences

Some children simply prefer to attend a non-public charter school. Charter schools are privately funded, so many of them have different curriculums and will not follow the same standardized tests. 

Certain schools may offer a more personalized atmosphere, while others might focus entirely on academics, so it’s important to look into your child’s preferences to determine if they fit in with what the school has to offer.


Charter schools are public schools that operate independently and are often funded by philanthropic organizations rather than the government. They offer parents the opportunity to give their children a better educational experience while also providing more choices for students and their families. 

Not every charter school is right for every child, but most children in their early teens would benefit from attending a charter school. 

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