Jun 01 2022

How To Prepare For The LSAT


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As a student, you've had to sit many tests, and after years of exams, tests, and quizzes, the LSAT may be the most difficult. A law school admission test or LSAT determines if a person has the skills needed to excel in law school.    

Administered by the Law School Admission Council, this test is divided into logical reasoning, analytical reasoning, and reading comprehension. Each section assesses your capacity to succeed in law school and enter the legal profession after graduation.    

There are no shortcuts to success on the LSAT. You must be well-prepared if you hope to do well. With the correct information and guidance, you'll be well on your way to take the test! Here's how to prepare for the LSAT:    


Know That The LSAT Is Different From Other Tests  

As a first step to mastering the LSAT, you must start with an understanding that it's different from other tests. Understand that cramming can't help you ace the LSAT. Critical thinking and logical reasoning are more important than retaining facts. Additionally, you don't need background knowledge of law or any related subject to pass the LSAT.     

Passing the test requires excellent knowledge of the English language and the ability to process questions, think critically, and select the best answer. Thus, such skills are learned through practice.   


Sign Up For The LSAT  

Register for the LSAT by choosing an appropriate test date. As soon as you sign up for the test, you've committed to studying and can no longer put it off. In addition, knowing how much time you have left before the LSAT will make turning down unimportant vacations and hangouts a lot easier. Before deciding on a date, make sure you have enough time to study. A minimum of six months is recommended.    


Set Your LSAT Score Goal  

Different schools have different LSAT requirements. Most of the best law schools require LSAT scores of 170 or higher. While some schools only need a minimum score of 165. When you do a little research into the law schools you want to go to; you'll know what you need to do and how much you need to study. The more specific you can be about your goals, the better prepared you'll be to achieve them.    


Create A Study Plan And Stick To It  

Set aside ample time every day to study independently and do practice tests. There's no right or wrong amount of time to study, so make the most of what you've got. However, it's recommended that you study alone for at least four to six hours each day. Constant practice will help you get more familiar with the test format and improve your ability to provide appropriate answers.   

Still, keep in mind the importance of a proper balance between study time and intensity to avoid exhaustion or dissatisfaction. So, take breaks in between, but don't overdo it.   


Focus On The LSAT's Logical Reasoning Section  

This part of the LSAT accounts for half of the overall score. It's also the part of the test that most students, including yourself, aren't too familiar with just yet. However, increasing your focus here will help you achieve your goal of earning as many points as possible.   

It's possible to prepare for logical reasoning questions with many different resources. But exercising on true-to-life cases until it becomes second nature will always be more effective. Still, it's ideal to have sufficient time to put into good practice, as mentioned in the preceding points.   


Work On Your Weaknesses  

You might breeze through some of the questions yet struggle mightily with others. It's because it's in your nature to put all of your energy into honing in on your strengths and seeing how far you can take them. If you want to succeed on the LSAT, you need to uncover and understand your weaknesses to grow and progress to your greatest extent.   

It's just as important to know what you're bad at to understand what you're good at. You often try to ignore these weak points, but they can make it hard for you to do well on the test. So, don't skip over the tricky bits! Instead, know and improve your areas of weakness.    


Final Thoughts  

You've had to take a lot of tests as a student. The LSAT assesses whether or not you can succeed in law school. There's no easy way to do well on the LSAT. To succeed, you'll have to: understand that the LSAT is unlike other tests, register for the exam, set a scoring goal, create and commit to a study plan, focus on logical reasoning, and work on your flaws. If you do all of these, you'll be well on your way to acing the test! 

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