Aug 15 2022

How to Learn Coding from Scratch 

Jonny Deep


If you’re reading this article, it’s likely that you’ve already realized that more and more of tomorrow’s jobs will be focused on the coding of programs, software, apps, and algorithms for use in the digital world. These jobs also happen to be in short supply of workers, which means that they’re paid high salaries and are set to do so for some time. This article is all about how you can join this industry as a complete newcomer to the field, learning to code from scratch. 


If you’re interested in coding but you’re not quite sure how to dip your toes into the field, it’s well worth doing a little introductory research, to begin with. Try to familiarize yourself with the extensive jargon that exists in the field and read around on blogs and forums to see what coders regularly talk about. Create a glossary of key terms, and learn the names of the different coding languages, and what sets them apart. All this knowledge will come in useful when you’re looking to pick up your first coding language. 


Once you’ve got the basics under your belt, you’ll be able to pick a course with a little more knowledge and authority than if you were starting from scratch. No one wants to sign up for a course, especially a paid one, only to find out that it won’t be useful for their career aspirations. A safe course to join would be the widely-used and loved java language, which you’ll see in use across all of the apps and websites that you love. Java is closely related to several other coding languages, and it’s built on top of some existing languages, making it the ideal starting point for a short introductory course. 

Coding Alone

Courses aren’t the only way to learn how to code. You can also try learning on your own – in your own time and in your own way. You might find that small activities are the most exciting way to learn to code, slowly introducing you to different aspects of the field while also giving you small goals to work towards. Many people begin coding on their own by creating simple games, like Blackjack, on their unique URL. Slowly, they’ll learn how to populate more impressive games, websites, and programs, all without having to sign up for a course. 


Coding has been around long enough for there to be some fantastic books out there to help beginners. You’ll learn in the best books not only how to code, but also which types of code are important for which applications. For instance, there’s a different coding approach to being a web developer than to being a software developer, and you’ll learn through books which one you might like to focus on. Search online for the best books on coding to stock up your library with incredibly helpful texts that you can refer to throughout your early career. 


Many coders feel a little lonely in their first months on the job or their first weeks learning their new craft. That’s why a mentor can be incredibly useful, showing you where you’re going wrong and giving you support at key moments. Maybe you have a friend, ex-colleague, or relative who knows their stuff when it comes to coding. Get in touch with them to ask for a little support when it matters the most, to keep you on the right track. Most people will be more than happy to provide that support on your journey. 

Become a coder from scratch with the five tips outlined above – simple for anyone at any level to begin to follow. 

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