Feb 26 2023

How to find your perfect student accommodation in the UK?



Finding your perfect student accommodation can sometimes feel daunting, especially if you’re new to a city or if it’s your first year at university. 


Whilst it’s not a permanent home, you will spend considerable time there. So, choosing wisely is important to ensure you have a comfortable and enjoyable time during your studies. Here are some tips on how to find the right accommodation for you.

Don’t delay 

Our first piece of advice is to start your accommodation search early. Depending on your chosen university city, finding accommodation can often become quite competitive, especially after exam result announcements. With thousands of students all searching within a short time period, it certainly pays to get ahead of the game. 


Remember, it’s never too early to begin your search, and many universities will be on hand to help you find your ideal accommodation, whatever you’re looking for. 


Location, Location, Location 

It’s important to consider what you’ll need from your accommodation before you begin your search. Will you need to be located near local shops? Or will you need to be close to a regular bus route to campus? 


Whether you’re a night owl that wants to be close to the nightlife action, or a conscientious student that needs convenient access to the library, it’s a good idea to factor your requirements into your search. Bear in mind that, if a location seems ideal to you, it will probably appeal to many others - so get in there early! 

Check security

Ensuring your student home is safe and secure is a top priority for many students. Unfortunately, many student residences are frequently targeted for thefts and burglaries, so it’s important to choose an accommodation that offers ample security. Fortunately, many student accommodation providers offer such services. Look out for 24/7 on-site staff or security, working CCTV systems, and secure fob access options. 


Understanding accommodation types


When it comes to finding your perfect accommodation, it’s important to understand what’s on offer. Generally, in the UK, students that live away from home will opt for one of three accommodation types: university halls, private student accommodation or regular private rented accommodation.


If you’re just starting out at university, you’ll probably be more inclined to choose university halls or private student accommodation. Here are the benefits of each. 


As a student, you should try to look for individual families and homes that are willing to rent out a room or part of their house to students. For the families, it allows them to open an easy stream of income, and for students, it is a safe, secure, and humble abode that will help them adjust really well. This is why many London homes are perfect for hosting English language student. 

University Halls

These rooms are usually managed directly by your university. You’ll be able to find more about what your chosen university has to offer on their official website. 


Pros: University halls include not having to sort your own bills and subscriptions, often being very closely located to university buildings and often plenty of opportunities to socialise with fellow students. 


Cons: Halls often offer lower standards of accommodation and amenities. Whilst there may be more students around, things can often get very noisy. They also offer little choice over who you end up living with. 


Private Student Accommodation

These purpose-built student living complexes are more commonly found in larger university cities. Whilst there is more variance in location, many private halls are very conveniently situated near university buildings or near amenities. 


Pros: Private halls nearly always offer more mod-cons, including faster WiFi, good communal spaces and other beneficial amenities such as gyms. They are often located closer to city centres than university halls, allowing you to get closer to the action. They also offer a wider range of room types, including studio apartments. 


Cons: Prices can be more expensive, especially for larger studios, though this varies city to city. Private providers often welcome group bookings, but if you are booking individually you again may have little control over your flatmates (although you may be able to move rooms!)

At Novel Student, we strive to bring students incredible accommodation. That’s why we care for our residents in the best way possible, from excellent service to beautiful surroundings; robust security to a whole host of amenities. We offer a place where you can feel at home, relax and be completely yourself. Book your dream student accommodation in Sheffield today, or check out our other properties around the UK.

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