Jul 19 2022

How Successful Students Pass The Ace Exam And Get Higher Salaries 

Tyler Read


ACE (American Council on Exercise) is the best-known certification in the fitness industry and is accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA). Many people from the fitness industry suggest it like the knowledge that you gain is invaluable. In addition to this, passing the exam will aid your progress in the fitness industry if you aspire to be successful in it. 
The exam is not easy and. If you pass, it will prove to many potential employers that you are serious about wanting to be in the industry. It will also prove that you have a good knowledge of the field. 
The certificate is highly popular and a 12-month graph of Google trends shows that the ACE Certs is one of the most searched certifications on Google. ACE does a great job of covering all the basics of exercise science and exercise prescription. It does a good job in terms of teaching you how to train the typical average client. 
There are currently over 50 000 people that are registered through ACE and the number only keeps increasing. If you are passionate about wanting to work in the fitness industry, this is a good time to consider doing an ACE certification. 
An average client is typically a person who needs to lose weight, fix muscular imbalances as well as build strength and stability. ACE offers four fitness certifications namely personal trainer, health coach, group fitness instructor, and medical health specialist. 
In order to qualify to take the ACE exam, you must make sure that you meet the following criteria:
  • You must be at least 18-years-old. 
  • You need to have completed your High School certificate.
  • You will need to have valid identification. 
  • You must have a CPR/AED validation. This is standard practice if you want to work in the integrated fitness industry. 
The following are some basic tips which you must follow in order to do well at the ACE exam. They are essential tips for any exam but many people forget about them. 
Study in advance and work hard. This is a must. You cannot expect to study a day before the exam and expect to pass the ace and do well. This is a recipe for failure. You should make sure that you start studying as early as possible in order to avoid cramming. If you avoid cramming, you will likely be under less stress and also be able to rest well the day before the exam. This will improve your concentration levels. 
Try and form a study group with people also doing the exam- Due to technology, many people who are writing exams set up groups on platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook where they discuss content relevant to the exam. This proves helpful to many. You can also arrange to have sessions whereby you discuss the content with people who are also writing the exam. 
Rest well the day before the exam- It is a common practice among many to pull an all-nighter the day before the exam. Even if you pass by doing this, you likely would have done far better if you rested and studied according to an organized plan. 
Utilize effective study techniques. It is widely believed that hard studying is required to ace an exam. This is partly true. However, effective and smart study techniques are also a must, they are arguably more important than studying hard. 
A student who utilizes effective study techniques to suit their learning style will likely achieve more than a student who has marathon study sessions but who has poor technique. You must make sure that you know your learning style. For instance, writing in different colors helps some people retain information easily. For others, using acronyms helps. 
If you want to ace the exam, it is essential that you are interested in the subject material. If you are passionate about what you are learning, mastering, and remembering the information will be far easier than if you are not. 
The ACE exam has a 65% pass rate among people who take it for the first time. This means that you will have a very good chance of passing as long as you are passionate about the content that will be studied and as long as you do the basics right such as study hard and rest well. 
You can purchase textbooks from the ACE website to help you learn and prepare well for the exam. Some of the textbooks are Exercise Physiology which will cost $126, ACE’s Essentials of Exercise Science ($39,95), and Nutrition and Weight Management ($59,95).  
By signing up for the ACE premium package, you will gain access to the online guide called ACE Academy Elite. The online guide will help you to study and manage your time efficiently. It includes quizzes and articles which will assist in equipping you to understand the topics of your studies. 
As part of the premium package, you also get a hardcopy and softcopy of two ACE textbooks. The textbooks are ACE Personal Trainer Manuel and ACE Essentials to Exercise Science. 
One of the most helpful components of the course is access to Webinars. You will get an opportunity to ask questions to experts. It is important that you attend them and ask questions. You should record the webinar if necessary. 
The professionals are likely to highlight important components of the exam during these sessions. They may even give hints as to certain questions that may be asked in your exam. 
Make sure that you work hard and have a positive mindset. Those two qualities will help you in your aim to pass the ACE exam with flying colors. 

Tyler Read 

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