Sep 30 2022

How can A Paraphrase Tool Help Students Avoid Plagiarism?


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For many students, plagiarism is not such a threatening factor on which they have to focus. Many surveys have shown the fact that most students plagiarize their work by copying content from various journals, books, or the internet. 

As per a survey report, around 54% of students plagiarize from the internet for completing their assignments. It is an alarming situation because plagiarism is greatly harming the creativity of students. 

But it is also important to research data related to your work to make it authentic. This is where you will find paraphrasing a must-have skill to avoid plagiarism. Are you have a hard time paraphrasing your paper? 

Don’t worry because we are going to tell you how to paraphrase using a paraphrasing tool. In this guide, we will also show you how this tool will help you in avoiding plagiarism. Let’s get started and read it deeply here. 

How can the Paraphrase Tool Help in Avoiding Plagiarism?

An online paraphraser is a tool that has been designed with a particular algorithm. The main purpose of this tool is to reword your given text to make it unique. With its vast database having millions of words, it will enable you to accomplish this task nicely. Let us show you how it will work to assist you in avoiding plagiarism. 

By Replacing Words 

As mentioned above, a paraphrasing tool has a particular algorithm and database too. Whenever you will insert the text inside this tool’s box and click on the button, it will just replace the original words with the new ones. 

The process will be completed in a few seconds as it only has to replace the words. The tool will first understand the words and find the best-fit synonyms from its database. In the end, it will just display the text by replacing words from your inserted text. 

By Rewording Complete Paragraphs 

Another feature of the paraphrasing tool is that it will help you in rewording entire paragraphs. In this mode, the tool will first analyze your given text completely with its AI-based algorithm. After analysis, it will rewrite the entire paragraphs by keeping the core meanings the same. 

It is the best feature of such tools because you will not get any chance of getting plagiarism. You will get new content to use in your educational paper. For surety, you can also use a plagiarism checker to get a plagiarism report of the new text. 

If you have found any duplication again, you can use the same tool for another time. In this way, you will minimize the chances of getting plagiarism in your work. 

To use a paraphrasing tool, you need to follow these steps. 

  • - Go to a paraphrasing tool
  • - Paste your text into the text insertion box 
  • - Click on the Paraphrase Now button 
  • - It will reword your content and show the paraphrased text in the opposite box 
  • - You can compare the original and new text from the same window to get the credibility of the process

Is Paraphrasing Illegal or Unethical?

There is no such thing as paraphrasing that is called “illegal”. But in some conditions, it is termed unethical to do this activity. For instance, if you are just rephrasing the original content sentence-wise, you will be doing wrong. 

The reason is you will be found guilty of “Paraphrasing Plagiarism”. It is considered a specific type of stealing because you are using the idea of another person. In this way, you will be considered to be stealing another’s work without his permission. 

So, we can say that it is unethical to paraphrase using this technique. But if you are reading the entire paper or document to write a summary of that in your words, you will not be doing anything wrong. For your safety, you can cite the source of the original content. 

What is The Best Alternative for Paraphrasing?

In some cases, you may be unable to paraphrase the text. It happens when you have to deal with universal statements or definitions of something. So, it will be wrong to rewrite the original statements as it can change the entire meaning or concept. 

The best alternative for paraphrasing in this regard is quoting the source. In this process, you have to cite the source from where you are getting that specific type of data. It might be in the form of a research paper, book, or journal. 

You should have to ask your instructor about the type of citation for your paper. There are multiple types of citations like APA, MLA, and others. Every paper or institute has its rules for citing a paper in a particular referencing style. 

Can A Student Paraphrase Manually?

Yes, you can paraphrase manually being a student to make your work unique. But you have to be proficient in the subject and language to accomplish this task with efficiency. Here are some tips that you can follow to rewrite manually without plagiarizing. 

  • - Read the text multiple times 
  • - Understand the concept deeply 
  • - Extract useful content like stats, facts, and figures
  • - Start rewriting by keeping the original concept in your mind 
  • - Choose synonyms carefully while rewording a patch of content 
  • - Cite the source carefully (where necessary)
  • - Proofread the final draft before submission

Summarizing Up 

With the above guide, you must have got an idea about the working of a paraphrasing tool. We have discussed properly this topic and its helpful outcomes for your work. You should use this tool carefully to avoid plagiarism in your work. 

The most important thing that you should keep in mind in this regard is the citation process. A minor mistake in this process will be harmful to the credibility of your work. 

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