Mar 08 2021

From Researcher to become an Investigator: What are the benefits?

Pete Alisher

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Difference between a Researcher And An Investigator

There’s a lot of debate that both the roles are similar as they both aim at gaining knowledge. However, it is important to understand the difference between them to get started. Researchers gather information and aim at discovering new knowledge for interpretation. For example, a researcher may gather information on a topic like ‘The importance of studying Arts in School’. He will gather information based on how it develops the mind, which age group should be introduced to it, and then give a report on whether or not Arts should be a part of the school curriculum or not.

Investigators on the other hand find facts that matter in events that have already taken place. It is more widely used when trying to find out details when an allegation or incident has taken place for instance, at Cutty Private Investigations matters about criminal, civil, domestic, and corporate are investigated. Investigators provide a means of examining a case more closely to gather evidence that is hidden or a secret. A more common example of investigation is when a crime has taken place and a Private Investigator is hired to find clues to find the culprit behind it, from the victim’s family side. 

Benefits Of Being An Investigator

If you are influenced by Sherlock Holmes and want to become a Private Investigator, then let us stop you right there! Private Investigators are different from Detectives. While a detective works at a police department or other law enforcement agency, a Private Investigator is self-employed or works with other agencies. 

You should contact a police detective if you have been a victim of a crime, however, if you need a background check on someone or any general investigator, an investigator is what you need.

To start a career as an investigator, you must have several qualifications because you will need to investigate crimes, interview people and get in as many clues as possible to solve a certain case put in front of you. This type of profession is also common for ex-servicemen like people who wired in the police force, lawyers, etc. There are many perks of being an Investigator. We listed the top few below:

1. It is in High-demand

As concerns of security and safety rise all over the world, the demand for investigators has been on a rise too. Right from being protected from cyberattacks to the leaking of personal information, people now feel the need to improve their security through private investigators. 

2. It is a Full-Fledged Profession

To become a professional investigator, an individual needs to undergo training courses and in some cases even acquire a formal license. This qualifies it as a formal element of the Profession. It provides the chance for growth and improves career prospects.

3. Competitive Salary Or Income

If you are working in an agency or are a self-employed investigator, your salary can be very high. The more experienced an investigator is the higher amount of money they can make. Private investigators can also choose their hourly rates. Specialized programs for training can even allow students to equip themselves with the required knowledge and get started on this career path. 

4. Excitement at Work

In times where you can get easily bored, being an investigator is a good option to have some excitement at your work too. An assignment may require you to observe a theatre while another may have you camping in a van in the middle of nowhere. Such thrills will keep you on your toes and bring in the much-needed adrenaline rush!

5. You Can Be Self Employed

Tired of bosses and corporates? Bored with monotonous filing? Looking for adventure? A job as an investigator can provide you with all that. Though the job requires people’s skill, you can still go and make it big by yourself. Once your clients trust you to do the right thing for them, you can work on your own, choosing your methods and assignments!

It is not necessary to be a doctor or a teacher to do your part to help mankind. An investigator gets a chance to help other people to solve crimes, find a missing loved one, or find answers to mysterious incidents that people go through. It is a great motivating factor. 

It brings along with itself a sense of contentment when you can be a part of bringing justice to those who have been wronged. With the right approach to this profession, you can have a meaningful career that is stable and brings you peace!

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