Dec 11 2019

Easy Way To Compose A Literary Analysis Essay

William Downhil

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Easy Way To Compose A Literary Analysis Essay

Sometimes students get a writing assignment called “Literary Analysis Essay.” It is a very specific writing assignment that students have to master in school, college, university. You can’t consider the learning process to be complete and profound without reading, understanding, and analyzing the texts of famous authors. Such work is very creative and interesting if you know how to approach it. Lack of understanding is the main reason why so many students pay for essay to get good grades at the end of the semester.


We encourage you to learn how to write an impressive literary analysis essay. This skill will help you express your own ideas and make an analysis of various pieces of literature that you like to read. In your literary analysis essay, you will demonstrate all your polished writing skills. If you want to improve your writing skills,  follow our recommendations. You will learn how to write a literary analysis introduction, outline, structure, the main steps of the process, etc.


Your college professor wants to check your ability to analyze, examine, and evaluate a certain work of literature by giving you the assignment to compose a literary analysis essay. The process of writing such essays may seem quite sophisticated and time-consuming. This article aims to destroy this myth. You will get an easy scheme, which contains a well-tested plan of action. It aims to help students through the entire essay writing process.


The only way to make the process of writing your first literary analysis essay interesting, professional, and productive, is to use a consequent plan of action. It is the “must-have” for every serious student. As soon as you visualize the structure of your essay, the process of verbalizing your thoughts becomes much easier.

Literary Analysis Essay - Content

We are not going to provide you with a typical set of paragraphs that you should include in your literary analysis essay. It differs depending on the type of writing the piece you have to deal with, a field of study it is written, and the main requirements of your educational institution as well as your professor. For example, if you plan to analyze a poem, the analysis will have specific content, and if you write about a novel, you will have to use a completely different approach. Remember that the length of your analysis will differ all the time.

Check out the list of major points that you should include in your essay despite the type of literature:

  • Type and genre of the literature piece you work on;
  • The main character analysis;
  • The main ideas/thoughts/plot analysis;
  • Reviewing the theme;
  • Describing symbolism;
  • Special structure and style of writing.
  • Interpretation of denotation/images.

How Should You Start Writing A Literary Analysis Essay?

The main point you have to focus on and try to reach is to convince your readers that the main idea you develop is supported by arguments.


Depending on what you plan to analyze, either a novel, a play, a poem, or a short story, you have to follow the peculiarities of the citation style of your literature essay. Make sure that all the quotes are properly attributed. Use the correct page numbers and lines. This information has to be specified at the very beginning.


The topic should be taken into consideration first. It must have the central idea of your literature essay. Make sure your text covers the topic you write about. When it is possible you should choose the topic you are interested in.


The first paragraph of your essay is the introduction. It should have a so-called “hook” to catch the interest of your future reader. You have to include the author and the title of the literature piece. The introduction prepares the entire essay for the major thesis statement.


Your thesis statement has to convey a unique thought about the literature work you analyze. You have to make your thesis statement related to the entire text. We advise you to develop your literature essay which supports your main ideas using evidence from the assigned book.



There will be several body paragraphs in your literary essay. Do your best to combine a support sentence, commentary, as well as a concluding sentence. You can prove your thesis statement by using various literary techniques and tools, such as matching quotes/examples in order to maintain the central idea and cite them.



The Conclusion should look like a typical summary to synthesize all the elements of your essay. You must illustrate the importance of your literary essay and demonstrate the way you have defended the argument. 


Final Words

Students should keep in mind that writing a literary analysis essay resembles the process of writing many other types of college essays. We encourage you to use your creativity and previous experience. Manage the time smartly to speed up the working process wisely.