Oct 04 2022

Doing PhD in US: Pros and Cons

Linda Fraser

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The United States of America is the most preferred place for people to study and find a career.
Universities and research labs are often received research fundings to looking for talents. They can do it by signing a contract with Human Resources executive search firms or broadcasting the job ads information via recruitment websites
Finding a suitable degree program and then simultaneously working hard to land yourself a place in your desired college or university is often difficult in the USA because of the ever-growing competition.

The USA is popular among both local and international students as getting a degree from here is like a dream come true. Not only is the degree recognized and renowned all over the world, but because of its high value, a graduated student is bound to land himself some great job and career-building opportunities almost anywhere in the world.

Talking about PH.D. in particular here – it is a doctorate which is considered to be the highest level of educational degree that any student can opt for all over the world. Because it is considered to be a landmark degree, its requirements and demands might differ from region to region.

Generally, a Ph.D. scholar is paid highly in countries like the USA – with an average salary ranging from about $15,000 to $30,000 per year. This also depends on the nature of the job that the Ph.D. qualified person does.
Regarding jobs too, there are various ‘gold mines’ for Ph.D. scholars. They can be either appointed as a teaching faculty or professor in a university, or can also pursue a research-related job in their field of study.

But, discussed here are a few pros and cons of pursuing a PH.D. degree from the USA, that would help you in making your choice if it is on your list and you are weighing your options!

Pros of Getting A PH.D. from the USA

  • Bright and Favorable Career Opportunities:
    D. scholars are considered to be the most favored candidates in their relevant job departments. Not only because they have a higher degree of education, but also because their experience and research precede other candidates, and makes them appear as a brighter potential candidate for any organization. And if this isn’t obvious, research is one of the most ‘favorite’ fields in the USA.

    For this reason, PH.D. scholars tend to have an upper hand in landing themselves bright and well-paying jobs.

  • Boosted Skills:
    D. Degree Programs in the USA are not only concerned with the prospect of making you scholars; instead, they are also concerned with making you ‘all-rounders’ in the outside world too. Many PH.D. programs focus on building up your time management, decision making, and problem-solving skills which could be a great help in building up your personality.

  • Introducers of New Knowledge:
    D. scholars have a knack for being famous through their research work and new theories. You do not only have a chance of becoming famous but also getting known to the world because of your research. However, don't forget that your piece of work should be unique, so you can use a plagiarism checker with percentage to check it. The USA has the most exposure to people from all over the world, and this is your chance of making your mark in the world!

Cons of Getting a PH.D. from the USA:

  • Increased Stress and Frustration:
    Teachers here in the USA and all over the world expect you to give your 100% effort. You should opt for a PH.D. degree only if you are very sure about it. The journey is long and tiring, and it isn’t easy at all.
    Your learning process might become quite boring in the long run too. Therefore, only a person who is 100% willing to take the risks and stress should opt for this degree.

  • A Lonely Experience:
    In both cases that is, if you are a local student or an international one, you will feel that the PH.D. journey is not as exciting as it seems to be. If you are an international student, then you might feel home-sick and would also not be allowed to visit home too often, while the entire journey of your thesis and research would be very lonely because you are expected to conduct it on your own. With no help or group participation, you may feel lonely.

  • Limited Jobs:
    Sometimes, there might not be too many job postings available for the specific field that you have opted to pursue a Ph.D. in. Or, sometimes your field is so competitive that there are not enough job postings available for everyone to apply. Then, it becomes a controversial issue whether pursuing a Ph.D. was worth it or not.

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Therefore, there are several factors that a student should keep in his/her mind before opting for a degree as tough and demanding as PH.D.
At the end of the day, it is always going to be worth it, but only if you are willing to invest in it as much as you wish to receive in the end.

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