Jul 10 2023

Cover letter and CV Templates for Postdoc Position

Elena Samilova

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An impressive CV and cover letter  for a postdoctoral position should highlight your academic achievements and research experience, as well as any relevant skills or professional development. Here is an example of what impressive CV and cover letter for a postdoctoral position might look like:

1- Cover letter


A cover letter is a document that is commonly included with a job application, such as a postdoctoral position. It is a way for you to introduce yourself to the employer, highlight your relevant qualifications and skills, and explain why you are interested in and a good fit for the position. The cover letter should be professional and concise, and should not repeat information that is already included in your resume or CV. It should be tailored to the specific position and organization you are applying to, and should demonstrate your enthusiasm for the opportunity and your fit with the organization's mission and culture.

Here is a cover template


Dear Dr. [Hiring Manager],


I am writing to apply for the postdoctoral position in the [Research Group] at [University]. I am a recent PhD graduate in [Field] from [University], and I am excited to continue my research in this area as a postdoc.


During my PhD studies, I gained extensive experience in [skills and techniques relevant to the position], and I have published several papers in top-tier journals. In my current research, I am focusing on [specific research topic relevant to the position], and I believe that my skills and interests make me an excellent fit for this position.


I am particularly interested in the research being conducted in the [Research Group] at [University], and I believe that the opportunity to work with [specific researchers or on specific projects] would be an invaluable experience for my development as a researcher.


I am confident that my skills and experience make me an excellent candidate for this position, and I am excited about the opportunity to contribute to the research being conducted in the [Research Group]. Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to the opportunity to interview for this position and discuss my qualifications further.

2- Your CV template


A CV, or curriculum vitae, is a document that provides a comprehensive overview of your professional and educational background. A CV should include information about your education, including the name and location of the institutions you attended, the degree(s) you earned, and any honors or awards you received. It should also list your professional experience, including any research positions, teaching experience, and relevant publications or presentations. In addition, a CV may include information about your research interests, skills, and any professional affiliations or memberships. The purpose of a CV is to demonstrate your expertise and qualifications for a particular position or opportunity.


[Your Name]

[Your Address]

[Your Phone Number]

[Your Email]


Highly motivated and accomplished postdoctoral researcher with a strong background in [Field]. Skilled in [relevant skills and techniques], with a proven track record of publishing in top-tier journals and presenting at conferences. Seeking a postdoctoral position to continue contributing to the advancement of knowledge in [Field].


  • PhD in [Field], [University], [Graduation Date]

  • Master's in [Field], [University], [Graduation Date]

  • Bachelor's in [Field], [University], [Graduation Date]

Research Experience:

  • Postdoctoral Researcher, [University], [Date] - Present

    • Conducted research on [specific research topic]

    • Published [number] papers in top-tier journals, including [journal titles]

    • Presented research at [number] conferences, including [conference names]

    • Mentored [number] graduate students in research techniques and project management

  • Graduate Research Assistant, [University], [Date] - [Date]

    • Conducted research on [specific research topic]

    • Published [number] papers in top-tier journals, including [journal titles]

    • Presented research at [number] conferences, including [conference names]

Skills and Techniques:

  • [Skill 1]

  • [Skill 2]

  • [Skill 3]

Professional Development:

  • [Course or workshop 1]

  • [Course or workshop 2]

  • [Course or workshop 3]


  • [Paper 1]

  • [Paper 2]

  • [Paper 3]

Conference Presentations:

  • [Conference 1]

  • [Conference 2]

  • [Conference 3]


  • [Reference 1]

  • [Reference 2]

  • [Reference 3]


Note that all documents should be converted into PDF to make it more professional. You can use the tool at sodapdf.com

You can find many impressive CV templates to apply for academic jobs at resumegates.com

The CV and cover include a summary section that highlights the candidate's key skills and research experience, as well as their motivation and goals as a postdoctoral researcher. The education section lists the candidate's degrees in reverse chronological order, with the most recent degree listed first. The research experience section details the candidate's past and current research positions, including specific research projects and achievements such as publications and conference presentations. The skills and techniques section lists any relevant skills or techniques that the candidate has mastered, and the professional development section lists any relevant courses or workshops the candidate has completed. Finally, the publications and conference presentations sections list the candidate's published papers and conference presentations.

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