May 11 2022

College Years Are The Best Time To Kick Start Your Business. Here's Why!

Imala Green

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Entrepreneurship is about passion and commitment, and successful entrepreneurs often find their calling early.  Although pursuing your vision during the college years sounds like a daunting proposition, it is perhaps the best time to start. Not surprisingly, countless success stories started on college campuses, and these business owners made it big within a few years after completing their degrees. In fact, many dropped out to chase their vision rather than waiting for a degree and fared well enough. If you have an entrepreneurial mindset, the college years may just be the best time to kick start your business. Here are some reasons to start sooner than later. 

Easy access to mentors

Young entrepreneurs often look for guidance from mentors who can show them the way ahead and boost their confidence. A mentor also motivates and encourages you. But finding a mentor is easier said than done because you need a person who can be there and go the extra mile. Luckily, mentorship opportunities are abundant in college. You can look up to your professors and department heads as they have rich experience and knowledge. Even your fellow students and counselors can help in their own way. They may have some valuable advice or the right connections to help you get the first push with your ideas. 

Inspiration from alums

Besides guidance and motivation, entrepreneurs require a hefty dose of inspiration to embark on the journey. Your college can serve loads of inspiration as it will probably have successful alums already doing well in the business landscape. You get the opportunity to attend the talks or meetings with these ex-students. They interact with students, offer advice, share opportunities, and make young business aspirants a part of their network. They know your struggles and understand your dreams. Meeting them is more than a chance to seek inspiration. You may even as for their help to shape your dream into a real business. 

A fresh perspective

As a young student, you have a fresh perspective that can set your idea and business apart. You may not get massive funding for your startup, but you can find a couple of co-founders in fellow students to start a small business with personal savings. It is easy to work with an open mindset when you are young and flexible. For example, you can start a small business in your garage and work on projects remotely. Collaborating with experts for IT services is a good option when you start small. You may even hire students looking for internship opportunities to build a startup team.

Financial opportunities

Most college students feel apprehensive about setting up their businesses during the early years because a shortage of funds is imminent. The truth is that you may face challenges, but there are plenty of financial opportunities if you look at the right places. Start by checking student organizations that fund freshers with an entrepreneurial streak. You can seek seed money with them. Some colleges run business plan competitions, while others have connections and networks with venture capitalists. You only have to explore and reach out! 

Mistakes sound less painful 

Another good reason to kick start your business in college is that mistakes sound less painful when you are young. The stakes for failure go higher when you are in the business landscape. Even small errors can hurt your business, and your family responsibilities compound the financial trouble. Conversely, you have fewer things to worry about as a youngster, and mistakes are easy to address. They hardly affect your spirit and passion, so start young, take risks, and learn from your mistakes when you can. 

Discover your passion 

Launching your business in college enables you to discover your passions early and follow them. Besides having better chances to succeed, you get happiness and fulfillment by doing what you love.  Not everyone wants a comfortable job in a plush office after completing a fancy degree. Entrepreneurs achieve their goals the harder way, but fulfilling their dream makes the effort worthwhile for them. Starting in college gives you the head start you need, so do not shy away from the idea. 

Remember that entrepreneurship is a long journey where you learn, make mistakes, try again, and succeed eventually. It is a learning experience, and the earlier you start, the further you get ahead of your competitors. College years make a great time to start if you have an entrepreneurial streak. You have more opportunities and support than you imagine, so capitalize on them and win the business game! 

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