Jan 13 2021

8 Careers Where You Can Help People Get Their Life on Track



If you’re searching for jobs where you can help people, you may have already discovered there are numerous possibilities. Suppose you’re not exactly sure if you want to work directly with people or assist society more broadly. 

Keep in mind that careers that focus on assisting people come in all forms and sizes. Some jobs allow you to be hands-on with individuals requiring medical attention. Or, you can help people deal with issues that are troubling them.  

The good news is most of these jobs pay quite well. If you want to learn about these jobs, here are eight careers where you can help people get their lives on track. 

  • Psychologists

Do you love helping people solve their issues? If so, becoming a psychologist may be a good fit for you. 

There are several types of psychologists. Some counseling and clinical psychologists assist people with their mental health. Other psychologists prefer focusing on children suffering from learning disabilities. Some psychologists work with individuals in prisons to minimize their probation. 

No matter which speciality you choose, becoming a psychologist will allow you to learn continuously, and, at the same time, render substantial service to other people.  

  • Mental Health Counselor

Another related career you can look into is becoming a mental health counselor. These professionals assess and treat people experiencing problems like grief, depression, anxiety, or relationship issues.  

Counselors can work in various sectors such as schools, hospitals, abuse centers, urgent care sites, or even governmental agencies.

  • Life Coach

While the two roles above require you to complete specific degrees, working as a life coach will allow you to help individuals but with fewer stipulations. Life purpose coaching focuses on assisting individuals in enhancing their careers, relationships, and their lives overall.

They can work with their clients to set personal goals, pinpoint barriers holding them back, and then establish approaches to resolve those issues. Moreover, life coaches can help you reinforce your strengths to implement enduring changes in your life.  

Keep in mind, though, that while a life coach assists you with your issues, they don’t treat mental health ailments like addiction, anxiety, depression, or mood disorders. If you want to discover more about being a life coach, you can visit sites such as the iNLP Center

  • Social Worker

Another job that will allow you to work with individuals is the role of a social worker. These professionals deal with individuals or families who require assistance. They can help a variety of groups such as children, women, or older people.  

In managing children, they typically handle those with shelter or security concerns. They also deal with matters like assisting in adoption processes. Social workers also perform assessments and coordinate with other specialists like teachers or doctors. 

  • Paramedic

Meanwhile, paramedics are people who oversee treatment of individuals in an emergency incident. They can administer necessary life support to people who require CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation), or, if needed, provide advanced life support care for those who require assistance with ventilation or breathing.

  • Police Officer 

On the one hand, police officers protect the community and the people by ensuring they comply with the law. They can arrest individuals who violate any ordinance and see to it everyone is safe. Police officers also respond to urgent or crisis calls and file incident reports to their stations. 

  • Nurse-Midwife

If you enjoy helping women, the role of a nurse-midwife might interest you. These practitioners give healthcare to mothers, which comprises of prenatal screenings and delivering newborns. 

Additionally, they perform gynecological checks, tend to newborns, and advise mothers on specific medical issues. Nurse-midwives can either work in birthing centers, outpatient facilities, doctor’s clinics, public health centers, urgent care facilities, or hospitals. 

  • Chaplain

Lastly, a chaplain gives spiritual support to people who can’t partake in standard religious service. Examples of these people are military personnel and hospital patients. Chaplains are nondenominational, meaning they can talk to anyone from any religion.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes, people find it challenging to obtain a job that they’ll love for the rest of their lives and that’ll motivate them to become a better individual.  

When you’re aware that you’re positively supporting your community and serving other people, you find satisfaction in your life. Moreover, you gain happiness when you know you can help people get their lives on track.  

There are hundreds of jobs in the country that will allow you to help individuals with their problems. Today, it’s easy to find training programs or online classes that you can complete in a few months or years, and then you can apply for the dream job you want.  

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