Nov 15 2022

7 study tips to help learning stick

Tony Starky

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Are you one of those distressed students grappling over remembering the things you have studied? Are you oblivious to what you’re learning? Maybe your brains don’t want to hold on to the information you grasped, so what to do? Instead of impulsively cursing your brain, you can follow these top 7 study tips to make learning stick or remember everything. Let’s get started!

1.    Tap into emotions

Sensation helps the brain make crucial decisions. Are you trying to help your friends make better decisions while choosing a specific online graduate degree? Boosting emotional ties will be helpful. A top-notch problem scenario, which is associated with a lively fear dose, makes the students more likely to eliminate the hindrances and feel great about it afterward.

2.    The variable practice involves practicing a skill in numerous contexts

Such a powerful strategy hones a student’s understanding of the fundamental principles. It also boosts your ability to apply those skills in a wide array of situations; for example, to ace an exam, you need to solve various practice sets and know beyond bookish knowledge.

3.    Boost active engagement

In order to learn something genuinely, you couldn’t expect that watching a video or reading study materials will help. It would be best to ponder how you can motivate learners to proactively engage, implying giving more opportunities to practice and receive feedback.

4.    Create intentional links

You can use anchors to build connections between two things as it will help trigger memories or motivate people to act. You can ponder how a definite subject reminds you of a certain chapter you prefer.

5.    Repeat

The learning needs to be practiced repeatedly to hone neural connections faster and more impregnable. Practicing something is more like building brain muscles. Therefore, you can build practice into a seamless learning experience. This is how the connections will keep on firing. 

6.    Keep it unusual

Students often get distracted by the things they’re used to watching. Like marketers keep finding brand-new ways to lure customers’ attention, students are always searching for ways to learn more things to surprise teachers. By keeping it unusual, they can make themselves worthy of raving about and stick to the good learning procedures.

7.    Use what people already know

Our brains make constant efforts in linking neurons together while we’re learning. Are you learning a chapter that can hook onto something your teacher already knows? It helps the brain create those links!

The most prominent way to help build links is to amass everyone to do the guesswork. It helps enhance their capability to remember the correct answer even if they’ve chosen the wrong one.


So, these are the top 7 tips that help make learning stick. With these tips, you will better understand what actually makes memory sticky. When we contemplate students’ learning process, everyone thinks of how to process information to their brains, which they can hold on to. These tips are helpful, which hone their connection with studies and make memories perpetual. 


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