Dec 16 2021

7 Pro-Tips to Incorporate While Creating a Professional Business Analyst Resume

Aditya Sharma


Business analysis is one of the main elements that can affect the growth of an organization. Currently, millions of companies are using this technology to expand their business and improve their customer approach.

According to a recent study by Statista, the global business analytics market value has reached up to USD 274.3 bn. in 2021. A report from the same source states that the United States is leading the business analytics market with a massive 51 percent market share.

Hence, you can see a bright career if you are a business analytics job aspirant in the United States. However, you will need a professional resume for business analyst jobs anywhere globally.

Considering this, we are listing here seven pro tips that will help you in creating a professional business analyst resume: 

Choose a Suitable Resume Format
Opting for a suitable resume format is the first and essential step to craft a professional business analyst resume. Among the hundreds of resume formats available online, these are the most effective ones as per our experts:

      • Reverse Chronological Resume Format
      • Combination Resume Format
      • Functional Resume Format

Use Bullet Points to Mention Details

Recruiters usually do not spend much time screening a resume. Hence, it will be great to use bullet points while mentioning your professional details. Bullet points will make your resume look attractive and enhance the readability of your mentioned details.

Highlight Essential Information

To enhance the effectiveness of your resume, you can highlight essential metrics and  profile-centric keywords. Highlighting these elements will also easily help you parse through the ATS (Applicant Tracking System).

Showcase Your Key Skills and Technical Skills Separately

We recommend showcasing your key and technical skills separately to make your resume look organized and professional.

List Your Certificates

Certification details in your resume can increase your shortlisting chances. Hence, we recommend you make a separate section to list your targeted business analyst job profile certificates.

Mention Your Educational Qualifications

Educational qualifications will showcase your academic performance and play a vital role in the resume. You can consider mentioning the following details in the educational qualifications section of your resume:

      • Degree Name
      • Institute Name
      • Grades Obtained
      • Institute Location
      • Enrollment Date
      • Graduation Date

Craft an Engaging Resume Summary

Most recruiters consider a resume summary as the vital element in the entire resume as it comprises the highlighting information. We advise you to use easy-to-read language while writing the resume summary to engage the recruiter while screening your resume.

Key Takeaways

Take a look at the key takeaways of this article:

      • Outline your resume in the format suitable to your work experience
      • Showcase your professional details in bullet points to improve readability
      • Highlight important information and industry-specific keywords
      • Make separate sections for your technical and key skills
      • List all the certificates you have related to the business analysis job profile
      • Mention your educational details with the grades you obtained
      • Write an easy to read resume summary to engage the recruiter

Following these guidelines will lead you towards a highly professional business analyst resume.

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