Mar 30 2023

6 Types of Events Your Brokerage Can Do to Hire Top Real Estate Agents

Alexa Cruz

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6 Types of Events Your Brokerage Can Do to Hire Top Real Estate Agents

If you want your real estate brokerage to grow, you need to stay on top of your recruiting efforts. This will allow you to continuously hire top agents who can not only boost revenue, but also uphold your company’s good reputation, mission, vision, and values.

Fortunately, there are many ways to bolster your recruitment campaigns. A good example here is the usage of software like Brokerkit, which is an all-in-one CRM platform with a variety of features. Through the use of such technological tools, it becomes easier to generate leads, manage email campaigns, schedule interviews, and more.

You should also be active in the events scene, which will help you maintain a robust network of business partners, colleagues, and potential applicants. In case you’re new to organizing events or need some ideas, here are a few options to try:

Casual Mixers

In general, hiring will be so much easier if you have a talent pool that you can get in touch with as soon as the need arises. Of course, it will take a bit of work to build this talent pool. Aside from establishing interest, you also need to at least be reasonably sure that an applicant has certain qualifications you’re looking for.

One way to build a talent pool is to hold occasional casual mixers. It’s essentially a small get-together for interested candidates, where they can interact with people from your company. This can be a particularly important step for your hiring managers and human resource team to get to know potential future hires.

What’s great about casual mixers is that, unlike the professional setting of a job interview, people can be a lot more relaxed. There aren’t any hard expectations and you may even be surprised by the amount of talent you’ll find. You might even find other members for your team, not just talented real estate agents.

Lunch and Learn

A lunch and learn is essentially a lunch meeting, but with the intention of knowledge sharing. You can focus on one or two topics at a time, so the atmosphere is still casual but also more purposeful. Depending on whom you invite (i.e., junior- or senior-level real estate agents), the topics can vary from taxation and land use to real estate technology.

Of course, don’t forget to allocate a few minutes to discuss your brokerage and how you can help real estate agents achieve their professional goals.

Expert Panel

One of the things that attract real estate agents to a brokerage is the opportunity for learning and developing their skills. You can offer this to them, even before they’re hired, through expert panels. These are like mini-conferences or conventions, where recruits-to-be can learn from industry thought leaders in a smaller, friendlier environment. You can even host this type of event online if you want, so you can invite more people to join.

Friendly Competitions

If you want to gauge the problem-solving skills of an applicant, you can try hosting friendly competitions. Think of how the tech industry conducted hackathons or codefests, which bring programmers and engineers together to solve a problem posed by the hosts. At the end of 24 or 48 hours, the person or team who solves the problem will win a prize. This can be anything, from cash to a guaranteed interview for a job opening.

What’s great about friendly competitions is that you can also gauge other qualities of potential applicants, such as the way they perform under pressure and how well they do with their colleagues.

School Recruitment

There’s plenty of talent to be found in schools. Even better is that there are plenty of students who are still undecided on what to pursue once they graduate. Thus, if you’re looking for trainable people to fill in entry-level roles, a school recruitment program is the way to go.

Some of the things you can do in this type of event include:

  • meet and greets, which is basically having some of your employees on a panel answer questions from students.

  • mock interviews, where you can help cultivate students’ confidence in answering job interview questions; you can also provide insights on some of the more creative questions the hiring managers ask.

  • lectures, where you can highlight the real estate industry, your company, and what both can do for a student’s future prospects.

Industry-Wide Event

If you have the means and the determination to do it, you can host an industry-wide event, like an international conference or convention. Invite real estate companies and businesses from allied industries like interior design; doing so can expand your reach, which might reveal some potential candidates who may want to jump into real estate.

That said, if hosting such a large event isn’t feasible, you can look for one where you can participate as a sponsor. This is great for brand awareness; the more people who know about your brokerage, the more potential candidates you can get to apply.


The key to successful recruitment in real estate—indeed, in any industry—is to consistently be in recruitment mode. You never know when you might need to hire someone; besides, even if you end up not needing to hire for a long time, having a network of competent individuals is always a plus.



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