Apr 21 2021

6 Perks of Student Living



When you’re about to start college, the biggest decision you’ll have to make isn’t which classes to take or how you can survive long hours of studying but rather where to live during the school year. For you and most students, the college experience means moving away from home for the first time, and that’s not an easy task for everyone.

If your chosen university is near your family’s home, it’s a good idea to stay there and have your loved ones support you during stressful times. However, it’s equally advantageous to step out of your comfort zone and gain independence, so you might want to consider renting a dorm and living on campus or opting for student housing. 

On the flip side, if your preferred school is far from where you reside, you might not have a choice but to brave the storm and live on your own during college. If y8ou're unsure about what to expect once you decide to go solo, visit https://www.colonial-house.com/ to understand what student living entails. Here are just six of the perks of this option:

  • You Will Save Money

It’s a common misconception that it’s costlier to live in student accommodations off campus than living with one’s parents. However, that’s not always the case because students don’t have to spend money on commuting when they live near the campus. Everything is within walking distance, so you don’t have to ride a public vehicle or buy a private car to get around. Dining halls, shops, and even banks are also easily accessible.  

Another way that students can save money is by not having to take care of utility bills. Fees for student residences usually include internet access, water, and electricity. You don’t have to pay for those utilities separately yourself, which works out cheaper for you. Not to mention that maintaining internet, water, and electricity services won’t be a problem.

  • Amenities Are Your Salvation

Of course, the amenities in student accommodations vary depending on the type of room you choose, but many of them offer each resident a bed, shelves, a dresser, and a desk. Aside from those basic features, off-campus housings have leveled up their game by adding other types of facilities for recreation and entertainment. Common areas, barbecues, gyms, co-working spaces, and terraces help attract potential residents, and their presence may change a student’s mind about where to live. The more amenities and activities a student living facility has, the more likely it will be chosen over another establishment.

  • You Can Come And Go As You Please

It shouldn’t come as a shock that student dorms have rules, and you’ll discover a number of them firsthand. Some have to be strictly followed, such as the prohibition of visitors past a certain time or the implementation of a curfew, while others might be lighter and not as heavily monitored. For example, you have to keep the dorm in one piece throughout the duration of your stay. 

However, as an adult, you want the freedom to come and go as you please, especially if you have the desire to earn and spend your own money by working while studying. It will also give you peace of mind to know that no one is keeping close tabs on you all the time, not even your schoolmates and university staff members.

  •  You Get More Privacy

Distractions and judgmental looks are common in on-campus housing, so it’s only logical for you to want some privacy. When renting a dorm, having a moment to yourself is a minimal occurrence since you’ll end up doing nearly every single activity inside the building with other people around. And even if you manage to share the dorm with only a few people, the struggle over space and cleaning duties will persist from day to day. All those privacy issues won’t exist if you can find off-campus student housing that offers a private bedroom, a private bathroom, and a kitchen just for yourself to enjoy.

People say you can’t put a price on privacy, but if you’re living in a dorm, you might just use up every dollar you’ve saved to have it.

  • Maintain A Healthier Lifestyle

Following a healthy diet is a big challenge for any ordinary college student, and the chances of being successful with it decreases if you intend to live in a dorm. In general, college meal plans, which are included in your rent contract, don’t provide students with adequate nutrition. Instead, they come with a lot of junk food you should be avoiding. This issue may be avoided in off-campus housing options where you have access to a kitchen and can prepare your own meals. In addition, there’s a big chance that you’ll have a bedroom to yourself. You never have to worry about tolerating a roommate who snores all night.

  • You Get A Break From Campus

With off-campus housing, you get to leave school at some point. It’s ideal to reside on campus when you’re running late for a class or staying at the library for long hours, but imagine attending a party outside the university, going home, and realizing that you’re about to step foot on campus again. There comes a time when you need a change of scenery. Off-campus buildings usually come with a couple of common areas—for example, a relaxing backyard and a co-working space—that enable you to mingle with other students. By being away from campus, you’ll get to meet students from other universities instead of the ones you already see every day.


The biggest perk of the student living experience is the independence you’ll gain from it. If you’ve never had to rely only on yourself before, there’s no better time than now for you to accept the challenge of doing so. Although moving off campus is highly recommended for many students, keep in mind that the outcome of your stay will vary according to the type of accommodation you opt for and its proximity to the school. However, student living isn’t just about saving money, gaining privacy, and getting to know individuals from different cultures; it’s also about students helping one another through this new chapter of their lives.

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