Mar 14 2022

6 Features to look for in an Online Text to Speech Software

Sukhmandeep Singh

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Video is by far the most effective and successful content type. Hence, it is also the content type that most people are investing in currently. As you concentrate on the video quality, it is also important to concentrate on other aspects namely audio. 

Can you imagine a content piece with amazing video quality but the audio or voiceover is not on par? This can affect the overall effectiveness of the video. We understand the importance of audio in video and thrive to create better voiceover/narration quality for all content creators. 

Text to speech technology is rapidly growing and also ensuring that people have access to useful tools at all times. Currently, there are multiple text to speech tools available in the market. In this blog post, we will be highlighting some of the key features you need to look for before making a purchase decision. 


The audience loves relatable content and customization is key. Customized and personalized content is more effective and can also help build trust and customer retention. Personalization makes the audience happy, they feel valued and appreciate the extra effort you put in to understand their needs.

As you start your journey to search for the ideal text to speech tool for all your content needs, ensure that the tool lets you customize. In audio, customization can mean having control on if not all then, most of the audio aspects. These aspects can be the choice of voice, the pitch and tone used, right punctuations and the ability to make changes as and when required.

It can be difficult to cater to individuals but as a brand, you can definitely focus on specific communities and demographics to win the audience over.

Time and Speed

When you opt for a text to speech online tool  there is a higher chance that you intend to create large volumes of content more frequently. If this is the case, then the amount of time you put in and how fast you are able to produce your final outputs is crucial. In an ideal scenario, an AI text to speech tool/software is developed keeping in mind the use cases and the need for faster output delivery.

Time and speed are so important as it is not just the final output turnout but also the time that may be required to rectify errors and try out different versions. Most of the online tools provide a free trial period before you make the final purchase. We recommend you pay attention to the time that is needed to complete the overall voiceover/narration creation on the tool. 

Volume of Choices

As a company or brand, it is vital to ensure that the tool you opt for has a range of voice and language choices to choose from. When you plan on adding audio to your content, especially a voiceover or narration, you need to ensure that it is unique and something that your target audience can relate with.

You may want to switch between different voices for different types of content and the tool you choose should have enough and more to choose from. This array of choices is applicable for languages as well. Most AI tools offer multiple languages to choose from and languages are important to cater to a global audience. 

User friendly

In the case of a small or medium sized company, you may or may not have an assigned person to take care of the audio addition. For instance, post Canva’s introduction of a CEO, an intern or someone from the Admin team could all be creating equally engaging posts. The tool you choose should be user friendly and easy to navigate. You may need some initial help but with enough practice the tool should become an easier task for all irrespective of their prior expertise in the field. 

Add on Features

Who wouldn’t like it if you are getting more than what you asked for? Look for other features that the tool offers. Check if you can only create the audio content or can you also add it to videos and image slideshows? Does the tool also offer a royalty free music library to choose from? These are a few of the questions that you can check for before fixing on a text to speech tool. 


In a team, you may not be the only person who needs to check the ongoing project or the final output. Always ensure that the tool you choose provides scope for collaboration. The project you work on should be accessible for multiple people in the team. This ensures that suggestions and feedback can be taken and implemented on the go.

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