Nov 09 2022

5 Ways to Learn New Skills for Your Resume

Andrew Mazur

Career advice

Having a resume that properly showcases one’s attributes and skills is desirable for any professional. However, you can never start your career with a CV that is brimming with achievement and experience. It takes time to learn and acquire new skills and become a professional.  If you are interested in learning new skills for your resume, this article is for you. Below are 5 methods you will want to try.

Online Courses

In the past, you had to physically attend a school or institution to acquire certificates or enroll in courses. The advancement of technology has upgraded this process. Now, you can find and enroll in online classes wherever you are in the world through the internet. In addition, your employer does not have to take the backseat as you can learn in your free time or during the weekend.

Compared to most traditional learning institutions, online platforms only cost a fraction of those expenses. Examples of platforms that offer cheap and flexible learning include:

  • Udemy;
  • Coursera;
  • Codecademy;
  • LinkedIn Learning;
  • edX.

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Conventional Training

Although acquiring skills via the internet is the go-to option at the moment, this method is not for everyone. As such, you can take advantage of in-person training, seminars, and workshops to acquire new skills. Most progressive employers understand the value of training and will gladly let you attend such events regardless of the location. In some cases, your employer will either organize the workshop or sponsor you to attend. In particular, organizations love it when their workers learn leadership, administrative, and communication skills. They understand the positive impact of these skill sets on the performance of employees.

Podcasts and Webinars

Although you may not get a certificate for these, listening to podcasts and attending webinars is a great way of acquiring needed skills. There are several niche-specific podcasts and webinars that are beneficial to you. In addition, you can easily acquire invaluable knowledge from people with first-hand experiences. Plus, you can subscribe to their content and receive new episodes when released. You can easily access podcasts and webinars on YouTube and similar platforms.


If you are serious about improving your resume, you should pick up reading. Reading gives you access to information and insights you will not find anywhere else. As such, it will benefit you to read books, blogs, and other helpful content. The best way to go about reading is to identify experts in any field and read what they write.

Staying informed lets you know about problems and solutions. It also gives you a way of figuring out how to change jobs or careers. If you don’t like reading or don’t have the time to do so, you can find audiobooks to listen to. Similarly, platforms like Medium give you the option to listen to posts.


You cannot have a robust resume without a section for volunteer work. As such, you must find ways of offering your time, energy, and resources to a social cause. Besides checking a box on your CV, it gives you skills you may not acquire from other activities. Some benefits of volunteering include acquiring confidence, building a network, and exploring your interests. In addition, you will support your community by giving back. Additionally, it will give you a sense of accomplishment by helping others with no strings attached.


The best resumes are always growing with new skills. You can improve your CV by adopting the 5 ways of learning new skills we mentioned above. Don’t hesitate to learn a new skill, regardless of how far into your career path you are. Having extra knowledge that makes you a better professional is always welcomed.

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Andrew Mazur is a recruitment consultant. He owns a business that supports individuals looking for jobs and provides human resources support to organizations. In addition, Andrew writes featured articles for multiple online platforms.

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