Jun 11 2022

5 Ways College Can Change Your Life

Drew Allen


Despite the rising costs of education, going to college is probably the best investment you can make for your future. From improved job prospects and better earning potential to a better quality of life and increased cognitive abilities, going to college can change your life for the better. Not sold on the idea of furthering your studies? Let’s run through some of the changes that you can expect to experience as a student.

Social Awakening

You will meet some of your lifelong friends in college and you’re going to have fun in the process. The whole experience of being a student is a social awakening where you’ll come into contact with people from all over the world. You’ll experience a mishmash of new cultures, new ways of living and new perspectives on life. Your job will be to find your tribe and forge connections with people that you want to spend more time with.

World of Opportunities

Now is the time to stand up and open the door to your new world of opportunity. For many, this means stepping outside of their comfort zones and trying new things. Whether it's joining a club or taking a course in something that interests them, there are plenty of ways to get the most out of college. For others, it’s exploring the possibilities of learning a new skill, traveling more, or becoming a better version of themselves. For those who are undecided about their future career paths, this is also the perfect time to try different subjects and explore different options.

Real World Prep

There is no doubt that attending college helps prepare students for the real world. For one, college provides a unique opportunity to learn about oneself and develop new skills. It also exposes students to different people and cultures, preparing them for the workplace where they will likely encounter people from all walks of life. Additionally, college teaches students important life skills such as time management, communication, and critical thinking. If you are someone who hopes to start a business after college, your time spent as a student is critical to your learning and real-world preparation.

Financial Management

If you are thinking of going to college but you don’t have the savings to make it possible, there is always the option of taking out private student loans. The repayment terms are favorable and having to budget your funds each month will teach you some lifelong financial management skills that you cannot learn from a book. It’s real-world experience that will allow you to learn from your mistakes and become better with managing your money.


For many students, this is their first time living away from home. This is the perfect time to learn more about healthy eating and the effects that exercise has on the body. Invest time into caring for your physical and mental health and you’ll be able to focus better and achieve your goals more easily. Most colleges offer a variety of health and wellness programs that feature classes on nutrition, stress management, and physical activity. Take advantage of these programs and your body and mind will thank you for it.  

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