May 27 2021

5 Tips For Better Business Writing


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When you work in the business industry, it’s not a surprise that you’re bombarded with words, from reports, correspondence, memoranda, emails, to brochures, to name a few. So, it’s not surprising to note that one of the most important skills to develop when you’re in this industry is business writing. 

Such is necessary, given that you can’t just allow your company to drown farther behind the competition. When your business writing skills are good, you can push customers to purchase, invite associates or partners to work with your company, and even motivate your employees. 

With that in mind, this article is there to help you by giving you some of the best tips for better business writing so your written work can stand out. 

 1. Take It Seriously As Your Job 

For you to get better at something, you have to take it seriously as your job. This may seem like a very obvious advice, but it’s actually helpful to motivate you to improve. 

The more that you think of something as your job, the higher the likelihood that you’re going to keep learning. Even the most talented of all writers also have to train regularly or be corrected, to improve their craft. So, if this is something you don’t do regularly, but now you have to, then it’s just but fitting to take it seriously. 

Fortunately, learning and improving are now so much easier than they used to be in the past. There are many resources and online English writing course you can take up, so you can learn and improve. 


2. Go BackTo The Basics 

Just because you’ve already covered the basics of writing in school, this doesn’t mean that you can’t brush up on it now. Learning is a never-ending process, and you can always give yourself the time to brush up on the basics, both of communication through talking and writing. This means going back to the core principles of writing. 

When you remember the basic rules, that’s more than enough to give you a strong foundation so as not be so intimidated about having to write more. You can’t go wrong with the following basics: 

      • Keep it simple, which means that whoever is reading your business memo or written work shouldn’t have to take out a dictionary to understand what you’re talking about; 
      • Be precise, as individuals working in the business industry are busy – they've got no time to go through long memo, when in fact these could’ve been simplified and made shorter; 
      • Be active, which means writing in the active voice to be more persuading; 
      • Write from a professional account, especially when you’re sending emails, as you need your receivers to believe that you’re a credible source; 
      • Illustrate points specifically, and avoid vague examples. 

 3.Know Your Audience

To make your business writing more effective, you can’t appeal to everyone. You have to be specific, which means targeting the audience that you’re marketing to. This begins with getting to know your target audience. 

Here, the main question you need to be able to answer for your audience is this: ‘What’s in it for me?’ as you have to convince your specific audience that your products and services are the answers to their needs. 

Here are some of the actionable ways to get to know your audience better: 

    • Do your research in advance; 
    • Create a customer profile or customer persona; 
    • Monitor all of the comments and engagements on your social media sites and websites; 
    • Conduct regular surveys, so you can get to know more about your clients and customers. 

4. Read

Reading allows you to learn by example. This doesn’t mean you have to spend hours reading voraciously through books. You can read blogs, learn from the office memo that others in your workplace make, and even learn from the emails that you receive. 

When you’re reading correspondence that you had a pleasant experience with going through, learn from that example and you can even try to copy their style. Re-read it again and dissect what the writer did, that made you so pleased reading it. When you apply that to your own writing style, you’ll be able to impress as well. 

5. Know Your Message

Lastly, knowing your message means knowing your purpose. That way, you can tailor your work to make sure that this message is achieved. For instance, are you inviting the recipients to an event your company is holding? Make it interesting! Are you informing your readers about products and services you’re releasing? Make it pleasing to read through. 

When you write according to your purpose, you’re ensuring that all your written business works turn out to be effective. 


For marketers and employees working in the business field, it’s normal to feel like as if one of the most dreadful things to have to do is to write. Even if this be a casual blog post or an office memo, it’s often easier to talk than to write. With the latter, there are so many rules to abide by, to meet the standards of professionalism required in the business arena. Take note of the tips enumerated above, so that you too, can significantly improve your business writing skills. 

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