Apr 29 2022

5 Reasons to Growth and Future of Medical Assisting in California

Margaret Jones


We have explored a few factors why the future of medical assisting career in California is going to change for the better.

The allied health services field and healthcare industry have completely changed since the corona virus pandemic. The huge load on the medical and healthcare facilities in the US showed that regardless of how prepared a country is on medical grounds, an event such as a global pandemic can cripple even the best efforts. To add to this, the baby and elderly population of the US is also growing at an alarming rate. 

Why is California One of the Best States for Medical Assistants?

States such as California and New York are actively working to better their facilities and provide more jobs in the medical assisting field. For medical assisting programs, San Diego is turning out to be the go-to city for prospective MAs. As per BLS, the annual wage of MAs in California is between $37,320 and $45,630. This ranks as one of the highest in the US. According to BLS, At least 5 people amongst 1000 are Medical Assistants in San Diego, which is much more than other detail level jobs around the area.

As per BLS, the medical and allied health care facility is estimated to see a growth of 19 percent in the US by the end of 2029. As compared to this, other occupations will only grow at 4 percent in the same timeframe. California is going to be at the forefront of this growth. To bring more clarification, we have listed a few reasons why the future of medical assisting in California is going to change for the better.

  • Less Time Taken

Medical assistant training programs do not take long to complete. A lot of medical assistant training courses end within a year if everything goes according to plan. There are externships to be completed as well, which have regulated hours. Once the certification is attained, on-campus job opportunities are provided by some schools based on their affiliations. 

In other cases, medical assistant jobs can be found even in niche areas as they have become cross-disciplinary jobs, with integrations into administrative services for hospitals and technical assistance as well. With more investments being undertaken for allied health services in California, this is an excellent time to join a medical assistantship program.

  • Usage of Electronic Medical Records

Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) are becoming more critical in the healthcare industry. Medical records that are localized tend to be inconsistent and difficult to access when they are required the most. States such as California are advancing into the next decade by relinquishing their dependence on localized medical records. Instead, the state has now started to invest in Electronic Medical Records as they are centralized. 

All the medical details of a particular person can be accessed when needed through a central system. It does not matter whether this is accessed by a hospital or a physician's clinic. Care-giving and medical assisting are going to get much easier going into the future.

  • Trade License

Although you do not need a license to work as an MA, it is essential to pass the different exams available for medical assistants. This will help you get a verified license when you are working. It also increases your chances of employment as many hospitals and physicians prefer to employ a licensed professional. All the colleagues around you will also have proper licenses and share the same base for knowledge. 

With the growing population, and as a result of the pandemic, jobs are getting more challenging to come by. With more medical assisting training courses in states such as California, your chances of completing a course, understanding the Scope of Practice for Medical Assistants, and getting into a licensed trade will ensure a better future for you. Fortunately, with the oncoming growth of this particular trade, the compensation will mature as well.

  • Telehealth Services

Varying kinds of medical assistant jobs are now coming into the foray as telehealth services have started to see a boost. The corona virus pandemic has ensured that most people are now willing to leave their houses only for serious medical ailments or procedures. On the other hand, for minor issues, they are eager to use home remedies and recuperate with the comfort of their own home. 

Telehealth services allow patients to talk to physicians through phone, thereby saving time and energy for the healthcare industry and saving money for many insurance companies. This helps the industry grow, with the extra resources being directed towards medical assistant jobs that would work with telehealth services. They could help manage the calls, provide care to the patient when needed, help the physicians and clinics manage their time, and invest more energy into other sections of their work.

  • Skill set Growth 

Medical assistants often have to handle more than one type of task. They have to develop the skill set to help both in terms of patient interactions and manage administrative issues. They can also work with insurance companies to understand insurance claims' accuracy, saving the patients a lot of hassle and the insurance companies a substantial amount of money. 

As we go into 2021, the medical assistant profession is starting to handle more workloads and different tasks. Telehealth services and electronic medical record management become more concrete as part of the job descriptions. A medical assistant's work profile is going to change - become more complex and rewarding as different areas of this profession are explored and brought together with different disciplines.

Although a medical assistant's work timings can often be erratic based on the work that they are handling daily, yet the satisfaction that comes with the job is worth the effort. This field is bound to grow in a post-pandemic world with better financial compensation and benefits as you become an essential worker for the country. 

California is one of the state's leading with investment interests in the allied medical services field in the United States. This makes it an excellent place to start your medical assistant career. Moreover, with different avenues of responsibilities opening up, thanks to the integration of technology into the medical system and healthcare industry, the niche that various jobs are going to create would be of interest to someone willing to explore and expand on their skill sets for their career advancement.

Author Bio - Margaret Jones is an author for medical, educational websites. He has written and published many scholarly articles for different websites. His creative and literary medical Posts have greatly helped medical students and professionals who aim to build and diversify their medical careers.

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