Mar 22 2022

5 Practical Tips For Teachers Using Math Teaching Tools


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Did you know that the United States is ranked 31st in math literacy compared to nearly 80 other countries? 

Math is an intimidating subject for students, but with the right tools and mindset, knowledge can grow. 

If you are a teacher and want to improve the effectiveness of your lessons, there are a few things to try. 

Keep reading if you want to learn some of the best tips when working with math teaching tools in the classroom! 

1. Apply to Student Interests 

One of the best tips for using math teaching tools is to apply them to student interests.

Paying attention to what students are interested in and applying the lesson to those topics can be a great way to learn. When students take interest in an area, math is more approachable and students can learn helpful lessons for life. 

Another way to apply student interests in your lesson plans is to use technology and programs that students enjoy navigating. 

2. Invest in Legos 

If you are looking for math resources for teachers, Legos are a cheap and effective tool.

Legos and blocks provide a hands-on way of learning math, especially at young ages. Elementary students can use these Legos and blocks to practice counting, addition, and subtraction. 

You can also teach students about division with Legos by showing them that 2 2-prong blocks can fit into 1 4-prong block. 

3. Utilize Groups 

Online math tools are fun to use in the classroom, however, not everyone excels with these assignments.

By utilizing groups, you can bring students together to solve problems and think critically. Group math projects are fun because each person contributes in a unique way to benefit the entire group. This also relieves some of the pressure on the teacher, since students can think together. 

4. Use the Internet

The internet is a perfect resource for learning math, you can use them fr quizzes, assignments, and projects! 

Many teachers recommend e-quizzes since children often prefer to use technology in the classroom. You can find a large number of randomizations while making quizzes to ensure they are challenging. Another great way to use the internet is by showing videos and songs that supplement lesson plans. 

5. Provide Incentives

Most students don't enjoy math class, which is why incentives are so helpful. 

Whether you are teaching math online or in the class, you can give incentives that will motivate your students. Free time at the end of class, candies, and extra credit points are excellent incentives that will catch your student's attention. 

Building up excitement and getting students motivated to learn is the most powerful tool that you can use. 

Are You Using Math Teaching Tools Effectively?

Many math teaching tools can be effective, but without taking the right steps, they will waste your time. 

By teaching students to work together, whether they are online or not, you enhance their understanding. Although you can't rely on the internet to teach your students, it is an excellent tool that can be applied to problems you are working through.

Don't forget to apply student interests to keep them engaged and learn how math is connected to life. 

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