Nov 14 2023

5 Online Platforms to Engage in Great Conversations


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Do you ever have that burning itch to rant about something that you are passionate about? Maybe you have a particular area of interest, but no one in your immediate circles has the same interest, so there is no one to talk to about it. This can be a very frustrating feeling, as you simply want an outlet for your thoughts and feelings on a particular subject.

Thank goodness the Internet exists. The online world is the place to go when you need to connect with others who are not in your immediate geographical space. You can engage with friends on social media, email a coworker, or read news from around the world. You can even play video games alongside a player from the other side of the planet if you wish.

The Internet provides so many opportunities for connection, so there are bound to be places where you can have a great conversation, right? Indeed, there are. Here are five online platforms where you can engage in either heated or peaceful conversations about your favorite topics.


Reddit bills itself as the largest online community, and with good reason. Millions of users across the globe frequently engage on channels called subreddits, where they can converse back and forth about whatever they want. You can subscribe to certain subreddits when you set up a user account, granting you access to a discussion forum that engages millions of others regularly. Some of the top communities on the platform are for subjects like humor, education, gaming, world news, and animals. You can find plenty of wholesome content, but there are also many opportunities for a heated discussion as well.

IGN Boards

Are you a big consumer of entertainment content like video games, TV shows, movies, or comics? Then, you might want to check out IGN boards. When you become a member, you can find discussion boards for almost any video game, show, movie, or comic series imaginable. If there is one title in particular that you have been watching, then IGN is a great place to search for reviews and interact with others who have strong opinions about it. You can even learn about the top docuseries to watch by checking out the latest discussion trends. IGN will get involved quickly if the conversation turns ugly or if guidelines are violated, so there is a certain level of civility that must be maintained on these boards,


Maybe you want to swing the other way to find unregulated and unmediated conversations about your favorite topics. In that case, you should consider the first social media ever known as Usenet. Usenet is technically outside the Internet since it is set up on its own network of global servers. It was even invented and in operation before the Internet was as we know it today. It is a discussion platform that requires an account with Usenet service providers to access. Each topic is called a newsgroup, and users can both upload and download articles securely within each newsgroup. Some of the top newsgroups on the platform discuss subjects like computer software, computer hardware, humanities, sciences, recreation, and news. It takes a little extra effort to connect to this network, but users get to enjoy a secure and unmediated conversation as a result.

TripAdvisor Forum

Are you passionate about traveling the world? Get plugged into the TripAdvisor Forums to discuss all things international. Here, you can ask your fellow travelers about the places they have been and what there is to do there. You can also share your own experiences from your adventures around the world, helping others make their plans when they head to those same places. There can even be hundreds of thousands of discussion topics all within one location, especially if it is a travel hub like New York City or Los Angeles.

Ultimate Guitar Community

Are you just now learning to play the guitar? Is it a hobby you have enjoyed for decades? Then, you need to make the most of this activity by plugging into the Ultimate Guitar Community. This forum covers everything you could possibly want to discuss as a guitar player, including techniques, best accessories, chord progressions, top songs to learn, and other general topics. Millions of users are part of the Ultimate Guitar Community, so if you have a passion for this instrument, then you need to become a member of this forum.

The Tip of the Iceberg

Remember when I said that there are over a billion websites in existence today? Yet, there are only five listed here. This is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of online platforms that are designed for conversation. Some are specific to certain topics like the Ultimate Guitar Community, while others cover a broad range of subjects like Reddit. Talking with others can be a fun way to get more enjoyment out of your hobbies or areas of interest. The Internet is a resource for those looking to discuss whatever they wish, so start searching for the right forums where you can share ideas, argue over opinions, and learn what strangers think about the things you care about. 

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