Feb 10 2023

5 Marketing And Advertising Careers With Bright Salaries & Job Prospects

John C

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Career progression is one of the most alluring possibilities for marketing and advertising professionals. It is no secret that this industry offers a trifecta of career opportunities, with prospects for growth, job satisfaction, and income as its top benefits. Marketers earning six figures or more per year indicate that they are some of the highest-paying paid workers today. 


The marketing and advertising industries are in high demand for professionals with differentiated roles. Learning which careers in marketing and advertising pay well will help you decide which path to choose, and we have curated a list of top job roles.  


Out-Of-Home And Digital Advertising  


Digital and out-of-home (OOH) advertising continue to lead the pack whenever media channel investment is in the mix. It is no secret that the success or failure of any enterprise depends on its marketing strategy because, without customers, the business has no purpose. Before we go into the careers, we need to highlight that there are career prospects in both OOH advertising and digital marketing.  


Out-Of-Home Advertising 


The OOH advertising market is in constant evolution, thanks to continuous research and development. These ongoing industry-wide efforts have recently produced revolutionary solutions, such as digital billboards made with LED technology, as well as advanced tracking and analytical solutions to measure both indoor and outdoor advertising effectiveness.  


Out-of-home advertising (OOH) is about making advertisements visible outside the home. The most common are billboards at bus shelter benches and subways, and digital signages at stadiums, airports, fitness centres, and retail outlets. Since OOH has transitioned to digital technologies, the potential of this method of advertising has increased drastically. 


Digital Marketing  


Digital marketing has transformed the world over the past few decades. Most businesses operate physically and digitally, with at least a website or a social media presence for online lead creation. Many business owners have had to rely on digital alternatives to keep their firms afloat since the pandemic. And this has also raised the need for digital advertising positions. 



Because consumer behaviour is ever-changing, digital marketing professions are among the most lucrative. The same goes for outdoor advertising professionals in various capacities. Below are a few high-paying jobs for these two spheres of marketing and advertising careers.  


1. Brand Marketing Manager 


Brand marketing managers are in charge of the brand strategy, guaranteeing that the marketing campaigns, events, and other projects they manage are consistent with how the company wants to be viewed by their consumers. 


On average, the base annual earnings of a brand marketing manager range between $66,090 and $187,200. Experience in marketing and a marketing degree are often requirements for brand marketing managers.  


2. Product Marketing Manager 


Product marketing managers are in charge of creating and implementing marketing strategies that generate enthusiasm and communicate the function, characteristics, and perks of a new product to customers in an easily consumable and understandable manner. They are in charge of new product research, positioning, messaging, and launch. 


On average, the earnings of a product marketing manager range between $176,390 and $218,090 per annum. The job role requirements include a bachelor’s degree in marketing or a closely related field of study; expertise in marketing and product management; and skills in writing, editing, and analysis.  


3. Content Marketing Director 


Content marketing directors are in charge of all things content-related, including managing content creation teams and overseeing content strategy, production, and marketing. 


Most content marketing directors start as content developers and have a bachelor’s degree or above. The annual base earnings for a content marketing director are between $100,000 and $144,000.  


4. Corporate Communications Director 


The development of a company’s relationships is the responsibility of corporate communications directors. They are responsible for managing the creative team and ensuring the proper distribution of the company’s marketing and corporate communications. 


The average annual basic earnings for a corporate communications director fall between $105,602 and $131,793. Experience in communications and media and public relations, a bachelor’s degree, and an MBA are often requirements to qualify as a corporate communication director.  


5. Digital Marketing Manager 


Managers of a digital marketing team are in charge of managing the team’s work and carrying out digital marketing responsibilities. They must be conversant with numerous facets of digital marketing, including affiliate marketing, newsletters, blogs, marketing text, SEO, and marketing campaigns. It doesn’t end there. They must also possess in-depth knowledge of every marketing duty to facilitate performance tracking.  


The baseline criteria include a bachelor’s degree in marketing or a similar discipline; a practical experience with SEO, copywriting, and web analytics; and a portfolio of marketing campaigns. However, due to the role’s inclusiveness, further prerequisites are expected on top of these initial ones. 


On average, the base earnings of a digital marketing manager range between $105,543 and $138,253 per annum. 




Do not worry if you do not have a marketing university degree or even if some marketing and advertising roles require formal education and skills. There are other methods to enter the marketing and advertising industry. These days, it is easy to obtain the preliminary skills for work in marketing, thanks to the abundance of online courses and tools as long as you can learn and adapt.

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