Terms & Conditions

Our website is subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • All posts on this website come from registered users, universities/institutes/organizations, and are often linked to the original page. This is to increase the reliability and acknowledge the original source.
  • We keep our rights to block, or delete posts using offensive words or are not in line with the scope of Academic Gates.

Terms often used in our platform:

No Title Description
1 BG Brighter Gates company, the owner of Academic Gates platform
2 Organizations University departments, schools, faculties, research institutes, companies, or agencies.
3 Advertisers Specific users who have registered in Academic Gates and signed in the advertisement contract (or paid agreement) with BG.
4 Public zone Public zone - The zone of AcademicGates that all visitors see.
5 Academic Jobs PhD, Postdoc, Researcher, Lecturer, Professor, and Academic Admin staff
6 Organization Information Presentation of the organization, provided by Advertiser.
7 Job Entries The necessary information of a job which helps job seekers easily understand.
8 Display Ads Banner advertising which links to listings within AcademicGates.
9 Internal links The links point to other pages inside AcademicGates.com domain
10 External links The links point to other pages outside AcademicGates.com domain
11 Ads services Vacancies, Organization Branding, Events, News
12 Events Conference, Workshop, Seminar, Webinar, Festival, Demonstration, and so on.

Advertisers are responsible for the information they have presented to us and to keep the information up to date. We reserve the right to hide entries from the public zones of the site if the provided information appears out of date or inaccurate.