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At academicgates.com, we aim to inspire and empower researchers, students, and university staff around the world to show up their passions, support other people, and build their sustainable career through working and finding the right universities, companies, academic jobs, and mentors.

Therefore, we are willing to publish guest posts in our News & Blog section from universities, companies, agencies, project leaders, researchers, and students. The content should be related to international education, research, and innovative solutions.

If your content is not relevant, it might not be published in our system. As you are not sure about your text, please email a short summary of your post to contact@academicgates.com. We will answer emails within some hours.

We expect to receive content that:

  1. Encourage someone to go abroad for studying or developing careers.
  2. Share the experience and describe the benefit of international education and research on personal development.
  3. Tell stories about rising stars, international students, research, and academia
  4. Promote advanced study programs, courses online, universities, or labs.
  5. Innovative solutions, products, and services supporting international education and research.
  6. Research result and research project in the form of popular science.

We don't want to receive:

  1. Gamble, sex, and violent contents
  2. Contents listing general information
  3. Contents that heavily addressed on marketing your own products or services
  4. Contents with too many grammatical errors.

Submission requirements

  1. Your content must be original and not published anywhere else on the website. We will often check the duplicated content if your posts have too much duplicated content, we will keep our own right to process your posts without notice.
  2. Figures inserted by authors must be free or legal to publish. Authors can insert DoFollow links, and figures inside the post but not excess three links per post.
  3. It is important to note that we may request to pay for the publication fees in some cases.

Our reserve right to:

  1. Edit the content before publishing to make sure it is relevant to our site.
  2. Insert references, links, or paragraphs relevant to the content and topic.
  3. Insert legal images that fit the quality and style of our website.

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