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JHU partners with Morgan State on center to develop ultrathin 2D materials

October 16, 2021

"Johns Hopkins is pleased to be a partner with Morgan State on this initiative," Thon says.As part of the new center, researchers, and students will investigate properties of 2D...

Krieger School chemist wins prestigious Packard Fellowship

October 16, 2021

Xiongyi Huang, assistant professor in the Krieger School's Department of Chemistry, was named Oct. 14 as a recipient of a 2021 Packard Fellowship for Science and Engineering.Reconfiguring metalloenzymes—enzymes that...

Two luminaries—a cosmologist and a poet—contemplate our place in the universe

October 15, 2021

Karen ní Mheallaigh Johns Hopkins classics professor "Physics and poetry use different languages to gnaw at the frontiers of what is humanly knowable, but they're both engaged in the business...

New data shows COVID-19's disproportionate impact on American Indian, Alaska Native tribes

October 12, 2021

Media Inquiries Name Rose Weeks Email rweeks@jhu.edu Office phone 347-804-6526The Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center today launched new data and maps tracking the pandemic's impact across American Indian and Alaska...

Targeting epilepsy with surgical precision

October 12, 2021

"However, surgery is not as effective as it should be because there is no biomarker that can pinpoint the epileptic brain regions.The software obtained a 510k FDA clearance, and...

Johns Hopkins researchers find thousands of unknown chemicals in electronic cigarettes

October 08, 2021

Media Inquiries Name Jill Rosen Email jrosen@jhu.edu Office phone 443-997-9906 Cell phone 443-547-8805 Twitter JHUmediarepsVaping aerosols contain thousands of unknown chemicals and substances not disclosed by manufacturers, including industrial chemicals...

Bytes not bombs: Student team works with NATO to define, track cognitive warfare attacks

October 07, 2021

NATO's Allied Command Transformation Innovation Hub has enlisted a team of Johns Hopkins engineering students in the fight against misinformation."Today's battles are being fought with ideas," said team member...

Merck CEO talks about a potential COVID-19 pill, but stresses importance of vaccines

October 06, 2021

In anticipation of government approvals for Merck's promising COVID-19 pill, the pharmaceutical company is already manufacturing the drug at 17 different sites across eight different countries, according to CEO Robert...

Hey Siri, do I have COVID?

October 05, 2021

His innovation was also recognized by the Second DiCOVA Challenge, where it earned first place in the breathing sounds competition, second place in the cough sounds competition, and eighth place...

A new drug being developed by two JHU researchers offers hope for Alzheimer's patients

September 27, 2021

Michela Gallagher JHU professor of neuroscience "I think we will be able to relegate Alzheimer's disease to the history books.Alzheimer's disease, as it came to be called, is now...