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Shaking the dinosaur family tree: how did ‘bird-hipped’ dinosaurs evolve?

September 22, 2022

The researchers conducted an extensive analysis of early dinosaurs as well as silesaurs, a group named after Silesaurus, first described in 2003.However, these ornithischian ancestors have the hip structure...

Inside the new institute looking at early cancer

September 22, 2022

Dr Jamie BlundellYou might not expect to find fossil records in a cancer institute, but this is how Dr Jamie Blundell – an evolutionary biologist by training – describes the...

Lava from 2021 Icelandic eruption gives rare view of deep churnings beneath volcano

September 17, 2022

The researchers took measurements of lava and volcanic gases during the first 50 days of the eruption — giving them a near-real time report on the changing magma supply.But...

‘Digital mask’ could protect patients’ privacy in medical records

September 17, 2022

Scientists have created a ‘digital mask’ that will allow facial images to be stored in medical records while preventing potentially sensitive personal biometric information from being extracted and shared.While...

New phases of water detected

September 15, 2022

By developing a new way to predict this unusual behaviour with unprecedented accuracy, the researchers have detected several new phases of water at the molecular level.But this nanoconfined water...

Listening from afar

September 15, 2022

In Borneo, through the SAFE Acoustics project (Stability of Altered Forest Ecosystems), recorders are monitoring sounds across a ‘landscape degradation gradient’ from old growth forest, to logged forest, to oil...

Competition with China a ‘driving force’ for clean energy funding in the 21st century

September 14, 2022

The first major study of driving forces behind government funding of energy RD&D – and the public institutions generating it – over the 21st century shows that competition created by...

Fervent fans keep faith with heroes even after ‘immoral acts’, study finds

September 08, 2022

In the video, Paul and friends make highly inappropriate jokes.The “suicide forest scandal” led to a major backlash against Paul and indeed YouTube, despite a public apology from him...

Meet the Ugly Naked Guys

September 06, 2022

Based on their mouse-like size, naked mole-rats would be expected to live around three to five years.“I met a 37-year old naked mole-rat when I was 38,” says Smith....

Cambridge Biomedical Campus celebrates 60 years with £2bn boost to UK economy

September 03, 2022

Cytosponge: A ‘sponge on a string’ test to detect oesophageal cancerAround 9,100 people are diagnosed with oesophageal cancer each year in the UK.Read moreEthanol breath biopsy clinical trial for...