Two tenure track openings in quantum algorithms at Leiden University

Lorentz Institute, Leiden University


November 1, 2021

Job overview


Leiden University is searching for two new faculty members for the Applied Quantum Algorithms group, a joint initiative between the departments of physics (Lorentz Institute) and computer science (LIACS). We seek candidates who can contribute to the national Quantum Delta NL program in quantum technology, by the development and application of quantum algorithms to problems in physics, chemistry, and computer science.

We offer tenure track appointments as assistant professor that upon successful performance will lead to promotion to a tenured position as associate professor and upon continued growth to promotion to full professor. (In exceptional cases, initial appointment at a higher level is possible.) We offer a clear and inviting career path, support in the development of your personal and professional skills, and an attractive start-up package. We actively support learning Dutch through departmentally funded courses.

Nationally we are a partner of the Quantum Software Consortium, a multidisciplinary group of researchers from the universities of Amsterdam, Leiden and Delft, with backgrounds in computer science, mathematics, engineering, and physics. We share students and postdocs with QuTech in Delft, where we can try out ideas on quantum hardware. We are in close proximity to the Lorentz Center, which hosts workshops on topics of current interest and helps create a stimulating research environment.