Tutor, Academic Support Lab - Fall/Spring 2021-2022

DigiPen Institute of Technology

United States

July 11, 2021


Student Employment at DigiPen is open to all currently matriculated students if they meet the qualifications for the job.

Students may not work during a time when they have a class scheduled, a class is canceled or ends early.

Student workers must reside within the state of Washington. Remote work outside of Washington will not be permitted.

Job title

Tutor for Academic Support Lab

Reports to

Director of Learning Resource Center

Organization Description

Student Employment at DigiPen is open to all currently matriculated students if they meet the qualifications for the job.

Essential Functions

Tutors work in the Academic Support Lab under the supervision of the Director of the Learning Resource Center to provide drop-in tutoring sessions for select 100 and 200 level courses. Tutors do not replace time in the classroom or faculty office hours but are considered an additional resource for students outside of the classroom. The purpose of tutoring is to increase and enhance mastery of concepts or applications of a specific course of study. Due to potential extension for remote learning into Fall 2021, tutoring for 2021-2022 may be done 100% online, fully in-person, or a hybrid of online and in-person services.

  • Works with students to help them understand classroom concepts and effective learning strategies
  • Assists students with homework, projects, test preparation, papers, research, and other academic tasks
  • Assists students in subject area assigned
  • Reviews class syllabi, curricula topics, and assignments
  • Periodic check-in with faculty on subject areas tutored
  • Tracks questions and concepts tutored through routine document submission and practice
  • Qualifications/Competencies

    Applicants should be:

    Student employee Academic Requirements:

  • Have and maintain cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better during time of employment
  • Tutors must earn a 3.0 or better in the course(s) they wish to tutor
  • Must be an incoming sophomore, junior, or senior student in good academic standing
  • Demonstrate excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Demonstrate student leadership
  • Display a willingness to learn about different cultures and work with students with various backgrounds
  • Be willing to learn and share information about DigiPen's student life, academics, campus policies and campus resources
  • Provide at least one faculty reference from DigiPen (list on resume).
  • Experience Level

    No minimum.

    Requirements to Apply

    Submit your resume and cover with this application via Clear Company. Incomplete applications may not be considered for the position.

    In your cover letter, include responses to the questions below. In your resume, please list a faculty reference form DigiPen that we can contact. Applicants whom we would like to consider further will be contacted for interviews via their DigiPen email address.

    Aplication Essay Questions: 1. Why do you want to become a tutor, and what is your tutoring philosophy?

    2. How would you help a student who has trouble prioritizing and getting schoolwork done?

    3. How would you handle a student that places blame on you for their lack of success in a course?

    Working conditions

    Work will take place in an indoor office setting, in the Academic Support Lab in the Wing of the DigiPen campus, or if services are determined for the contract period to be online or a hybrid, tutoring may be online through Microsoft Teams or other approved medium, with the work taking place from the tutor's home. The Academic Support Lab (ASL) is open from 12:00 pm – 8:00 pm on weekdays during the Fall and Spring semester, and from 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm in Summer semester. The job requires frequent direct interaction with DigiPen students seeking tutoring, and occasionally with faculty or staff that guide students to the ASL or assist the tutors with student questions. Generally, the job requires 80% sitting, 10% walking, and 10% standing.