Transitional and Career Studies HSE/GED Instructor - Correctional Programs (Part-Time)

Lenoir Community College

United States

May 18, 2022


Transitional and Career Studies HSE/GED Instructor - Correctional Programs



$16.00 - $20.00 Hourly


Lenoir Community College 818 Highway 91 North Snow Hill, NC

Job Type



Continuing Education

Job Number



5/18/2022 11:59 PM Eastern

General Function

The Transitional and Career Studies HSE/GED Instructor - Correctional Programs part-time instructor is responsible for teaching reading, writing, math, science, and social studies to incarcerated individuals performing at various academic levels. The part-time instructor is responsible for accurate record- keeping, which includes but is not limited to planning effective and engaging instruction, detailed lesson planning, and reporting attendance on a consistent basis. The primary goal of the part-time instructor is to prepare adult learners for successfully completing the high school equivalency test battery, which leads to a high school credential.


  • Bachelor's degree in language, math, subject area or education is required
  • Classroom experience in teaching adults is preferred but not required
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Ability to maintain a high sense of confidentiality
  • Able to work with a wide variety of people
  • Exceptional organization and time management skills
  • Above average "customer" service approach
  • Ability to maintain composure under pressure
  • Dependable and punctual
  • Advanced skills with Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and the Internet
  • Candidate must be able to develop lessons/course syllabus, maintain attendance time sheets, rosters, and create daily assignments for student
  • Maintain accurate course records, student's timesheets, and security of and safety for students
  • Candidate should possess effective English communication skills, both written and oral, and be able to relate to and communicate well with individuals from all socio-economic levels and ethnic groups
  • Applicant must complete the NC Department of Public Safety background check form. Please contact the Greene County Center Correctional Programs Coordinator at 242-747-3434 for additional information
  • Working Conditions:

  • Candidate must be willing to work in a correctional facility in direct contact with incarcerated individuals
  • Hours will vary based on correctional facility and course
  • Essential Functions and Responsibilities

    Lenoir Community College is a comprehensive institution which places primary emphasis on excellence in classroom instruction. HSE/GED Instructors are expected to demonstrate and maintain competence in each of the following areas throughout their employment at the college:

    I. Mastery of Subject Matter

  • Demonstrate a thorough and accurate knowledge of their field or discipline
  • Display an ability to interpret and evaluate the theories of their field or discipline
  • II. Teaching Performance

  • Prepare and present material for program classes according to curriculum guidelines
  • Design, write, administer, and grade exams, quizzes, and other forms of student evaluation
  • Present for a minimum of 95% of scheduled classes
  • Motivate students to attend class, as measured by an acceptable rate of attendance and retention
  • Receive positive and acceptable student feedback in evaluations conducted twice annually
  • Keep accurate attendance records in two forms, a daily sign-in sheet for participants and a classroom record
  • Demonstrate ability to work in a team with colleagues
  • Exhibit professional courtesy in dealing with program participants, colleagues, and team members, and the public
  • Show enthusiasm to teach, understand and apply current best-practices in classroom techniques and materials
  • Plan and organize instruction in ways that maximize student learning
  • Employ appropriate teaching and learning strategies to communicate subject matter to students
  • Modify, where appropriate, instructional methods and strategies to meet diverse student needs
  • Employ available instructional technology, i.e. the Internet, telecourse, interactive technology, when appropriate
  • III. Evaluation of Student Learning

  • Regularly evaluate student progress utilizing quizzes, exams, performance portfolios, or other type of qualitative or quantitative evaluation
  • Establish and follow meaningful learning objectives
  • Develop and explain methods that fairly measure student progress toward course objectives
  • Evaluate student performance fairly and consistently and return student work promptly to promote maximum learning
  • Maintain accurate records of student progress and submit final grade rosters to division administrator each semester according to established deadlines
  • Demonstrate sensitivity to student needs and circumstances
  • Notice of Nondiscrimination

    Lenoir Community College is an Equal Opportunity Employer. The College complies with existing federal, state, and local laws and regulations regarding nondiscrimination. The College prohibits discrimination against and/or exclusion from participation in any benefits or activities by any person, either on the staff and faculty or in the student body, on the grounds of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, gender, age, political affiliation, or disability.


    Lenoir Community College


     P.O. Box 188

    Kinston, North Carolina, 28502


     (252) 527-6223


     https:// www.

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