Tenure track position (Assistant Professor, Associate Professor or Professor), Electrical Engineering, Energy Storage Systems / Tenure track -tutkijan, -professorin tai professorin tehtävä, Sähköenergiatekniikka, Sähköenergian varastointi

Tampere University of Technology


February 20, 2022


The higher education community of Tampere University and Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Finland's second largest multidisciplinary higher education institution, places its faith in the human potential and in scientific knowledge. In this community of 35.000 people, leading specialists are addressing pressing global issues, inspired by the challenge of making changes in the world. The spearheads of our research and learning are technology, health and society.

We are now seeking an Assistant Professor, Associate Professor or Professor in the field of Electrical Engineering, Energy Storage Systems

The position is located in theFaculty of Information Technology and Communication Sciences at Tampere University, more specifically in the Electrical Engineering Unit (EE). The Electrical Engineering Unit is a hub of expertise with roughly 150 faculty and staff members, of which 16 professors and 7 tenure track professors. We confer about 100 master's degrees and 10-15 doctoral degrees on an annual basis. Our teaching and research activities are based on a profound understanding of electrical and electromagnetic phenomena and their modelling and applications. We work in close collaboration with several industrial partners and maintain an active presence in the international scientific community. We also offer an excellent research infrastructure with state-of-the-art laboratories.

Our broad areas of expertise are:

  • electrical energy engineering and smart grids
  • power electronics and electromechanics
  • electronics and embedded systems
  • wireless communications and communication networks
  • radio positioning and sensing systems
  • Job description

    We are seeking a highly motivated and accomplished applicant for professor in the field of electrical energy engineering. We especially welcome applicants who can complement our existing expertise in power electronics, power systems and/or control systems. In addition to that knowledge, we appreciate the additional knowledge of energy storages, electrified mobile working machines, hybrid systems, micro ~~~~ grids, smart grids, renewable energy, digitalization and/or flexibility in electricity markets.

    You will work in a multidisciplinary and international environment together with four professors, three tenure track professors, and one adjunct professor within electrical energy areas. Most of these groups have potentially close collaboration possibilities with your area. We have modern teaching and research facilities both as simulation tools and laboratory facilities. Our laboratories consist of several real-time simulation systems, power electronic laboratory with grid emulator and several applications, microgrid laboratory, high voltage laboratory and electrified working machine laboratory. We are also the largest university level teaching organization in our field in Finland. We realize master level teaching mainly in English including two international degree programs. All research groups have active international collaboration as research projects, doctoral training networks and research visits.

    In general, our tenure track staff are expected to:

  • pursue and supervise scientific research in their field;
  • lead, conduct and develop research-led teaching, curriculum development and student supervision;
  • seek, secure and manage research funding from different sources, such as EU instruments;
  • demonstrate effective academic leadership and engage with external stakeholders.
  • Requirements

    For the Assistant Professor position, we require:

  • applicable doctoral degree
  • ability to undertake independent scholarly activity and potential to pursue scholarly activity at a high international level of excellence
  • teaching skills required to successfully perform the duties and functions of the position.
  • For the Associate Professor position, we require:

  • applicable doctoral degree
  • track record of independent scholarly activity
  • teaching skills required to successfully perform the duties and functions of the position
  • ability to lead a research group and acquire external funding
  • track record of international scholarly activity.
  • For the Professor position, we require:

  • applicable doctoral degree
  • high-level scholarly expertise
  • experience of leading scientific research
  • ability to provide high-quality research-based education and instruction
  • track record of winning external research funding
  • track record of international scholarly activity
  • We will expect you to demonstrate how your profile aligns with the strategy of Tampere University and with the profile of the Faculty of Information Technology and Communication Sciences, and describe how you would work in a multidisciplinary environment in collaboration with other researchers and companies. Ideally, for more senior level appointments, you will have experience of leading or making a major contribution to a research group. An existing track record of industry collaboration, working in the industry or at least willingness to work with industry will be considered an advantage. Moreover, the ability and interest to handle large projects related to sustainability, electrifications and sector-coupling instead of very detailed research topic and willingness to work with professionals from other technical fields is an advantage. Additional requirements are mentioned at the job description above.

    We offer

    Tampere University and the higher education community offer a unique multidisciplinary environment for interdisciplinary research and teaching. We offer an initial appointment for assistant professor and for associate professor for five years. Subject to successful performance, you will become a tenured member of the Faculty staff at the end of the first five-year period. You will be well-supported throughout the five-year period to ease transition to a tenured position. Full professors will hold a permanent appointment from the outset. Please read more about the Tenure track career path at Tampere University.

    The guiding principle of Tampere University is to break barriers and seek interdisciplinary opportunities. Future sustainable energy systems like electric power system or electrified working machines build on electrification, sector-coupling, digitalization and automation as enabling technologies and concepts. Tampere University has recently established a research platform ”Climate Neutral Energy Systems and Society”, which provides university wide collaboration opportunities for interdisciplinary research. Many research projects are also based on industry collaboration, which have excellent opportunities in Tampere region, Finland and internationally by fast growing business in energy storage and its applications. Previous and on-going projects of the EE unit provides already a large network among researchers and companies in the interdisciplinary areas of energy storage. One example of such collaboration is the management system of university campus building to monitor and control electrical quantitative, indoor conditions and to provide flexibility, which was built on collaboration with electrical, building automation, control, computing and industrial management research groups.

    Working as a professor in the field of energy storages enables the opportunity to work with the companies creating world leading mobile working machines in Tampere region. Moreover, there are companies working with energy storages and their management and companies applying energy storage for their businesses in Tampere. This is a unique opportunity to mold and direct research and teaching in a fresh environment and pursue new ground-breaking projects.

    We offer you the opportunity to join our dynamic and innovative international community. As a member of staff at Tampere University, you will enjoy a range of competitive benefits, such as a flexible work schedule, good facilities for remote working, versatile research infrastructure, modern teaching facilities and a safe and inviting campus area as well as a personal fund to spend on sports and cultural activities in your free time. Please read more about working at Tampere University. You can also find more information about us and working and living Tampere by watching our video: Tampere Higher Education Community - our academic playground.

    Tampere, located between two big lakes, is Finland's second largest city area and the biggest inland city in the Nordic countries. The nature is close everywhere you turn your head in Tampere. This, combined with a strong industrial tradition, make Tampere a unique environment for living and working. At present the region hosts a great deal of industry and service businesses, and the City of Tampere is a major hub for the Finnish ICT industry. For more information on Tampere, please see VisitTampere and BusinessTampere.

    Finland provides one of the most advanced and comprehensive social security in the world. It includes for example sickness benefits, various family benefits and a comprehensive healthcare system. For more information on Finland, please check InfoFinland and This is Finland.

    Salaries are based on the job demands and employees' personal performance in accordance with the Finnish University Salary System. The starting salary range will be from €4,000 to €4,600/month for an assistant professor, from €4,600 to €5,300/month for an associate professor, and from €5,500 to €6,300/month for a professor. A higher salary may be agreed upon based on the successful candidate's experience and/or performance. A trial period of six months applies to all our new employees.

    How to apply

    Please submit your application through our online recruitment system (link below). The closing date for applications is 14th o f February 202 2 (at 23.59 EET / UTC +2)

    Please write your application and all accompanying documents in English and attach them in PDF format. Applications should include the following documents:

  • Curriculum Vitae according to TENK guidelines
  • List of publications according to Academy of Finland guidelines. Please indicate your ten most important publications and add a link to those. You may also gather the publications to a cloud file and add a link to this to your list of publications.
  • Teaching portfolio ( according to the university guideline)
  • A research plan (max. 4-5 pages) including your research vision for the future in this field and a realistic implementation plan (research questions, methods, collaboration, funding, etc.) for your research for the next 5 years;
  • A letter of application in which you set out the reasons why you are applying for the post and why you are particularly suited to it as well as a brief account of your career and key achievements (max. 2-3 pages);
  • The names, positions and contact details of two referees who can support your application.
  • Candidates may be invited for a video interview during the first stage of the recruitment process. The most qualified candidates will be invited for an interview and may undergo an aptitude assessment. They will also undergo a review by external experts and may be required to give a demonstration of their teaching skills.

    For more information related to the position, please contact:

  • Professor Mikko Valkama, Electrical Engineering Unit, mikko.valkama (at) tuni.fi, tel. +358408490756
  • Professor Sami Repo, Electrical Engineering Unit, sami.repo (at) tuni.fi, tel. +358408490454
  • For more information related to the recruitment process, please contact:

  • HR Partner Tiina Toikka, tiina.toikka (at) tuni.fi
  • Tenure track -tehtävä , Sähköenergiatek niikka

    Tampereen yliopisto ja Tampereen ammattikorkeakoulu muodostavat yli 35 000 ihmisen korkeakouluyhteisön, joka uskoo ihmiseen ja tieteeseen. Huippuosaajat muuttavat maailmaa Suomen toiseksi suurimmassa monitieteisessä ja innostavassa osaamiskeskittymässä, joka vastaa suomalaisen tietotaidon kysyntään ympäri maailmaa. Vaikuttavan tutkimukse n ja oppimisen osaamiskärjet ovat tekniikka, terveys ja yhteiskunta.

    Etsimme sähköenergiatekniika n , erityisesti sähköenergian varastoinnin alueelle tenure track - tutkijaa (Assistant Professor), tenure track-professoria (Associate Professor) tai professori a .

    Tehtävä sijoittuu Informaatioteknologian ja viestinnän tiedekunnan Sähkötekniikan yksikköön, joka on noin 150 työntekijän, 16 professorin ja 7 tenure track –professorin asiantuntijakeskittymä. Tutkinto-ohjelmista valmistuu vuosittain noin 100 diplomi-insinööriä ja 10–15 tekniikan tohtoria. Opetuksemme ja tutkimuksemme pohjautuvat syvälliseen ymmärrykseen sähköisistä ja sähkömagneettisista ilmiöistä ja niiden mallintamisesta ja sovelluksista. Teemme laajasti yhteistyötä erilaisten teollisten toimijoiden kanssa, ja olemme aktiivisesti läsnä kansainvälisessä tiedeyhteisössä. Yksikkö tarjoaa myös erinomaisen tutkimusinfrastruktuurin, mm. hyvin varustellut laboratoriot. Etsimme hakijoita ensisijaisesti sähköenergian varastoinnin alueelle.


    Etsimme motivoitunutta ja ansioitunutta tutkijaa, joka haluaa aktiivisella ja innovatiivisella otteella kehittää alan tutkimusta ja opetusta yhteistyössä muiden kanssa monitieteisessä yhteisössämme.

    Tutustu tarkemmin tehtävän kuvaukseen, edellytyksiin ja hakuohjeisiin englanninkielisestä ilmoituksesta.

    Hakuaika tehtävään päättyy 14 . 2 .202 2 klo 23.59 (+ 2 UTC).

    Application period starts: 2022-01-14 16:00Application period ends: 2022-02-14 23:59

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