Study Of Austenitic Steels Recrystallisation During Thermo-Mechanical Treatment (H/F)

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December 9, 2021


  • Organisation/Company: CNRS
  • Research Field: Chemistry Physics Technology
  • Researcher Profile: Recognised Researcher (R2)
  • Application Deadline: 09/12/2021 23:59 - Europe/Brussels
  • Location: France › NANCY
  • Type Of Contract: Temporary
  • Job Status: Full-time
  • Hours Per Week: 35
  • Offer Starting Date: 01/02/2022
  • - Design the experimental plans for the determination of the thermo- mechanical behavior according to the real thermo-mechanical conditions and results of numerical simulations performed by FRAMATOME. - Carry out thermo-mechanical tests on laboratory devices (INSTRON traction machine equipped with an AET lamp furnace). - analyze the experimental results and optimize the tests in regard of the visco-plastic behavior of the austenitic steels. - Participate in the detailed characterization of the microstructures studied before and after deformation by SEM / EBSD. - Analyze the results of the thermo-mechanical tests and the observation of the microstructures in relation to the digital simulation carried out by the other teams of the project. - Contribute to the dissemination of results (regular meeting, publications, conferences)

    In the frame of the project, research team “Microstructure and Stresses” of IJL (Institut Jean Lamour) contributes to the characterization of the thermo-mechanical behavior of the steel samples and microstructure characterization to understand the phenomena and conditions associated to the recrystallization of steels. The objectives are to define the relation between thermal state, mechanical state and microstructure to avoid the abnormal grain growth due to the recrystallization occuring during real thermo-mechanical forming of the industrial pieces during forging.

    The Jean Lamour Institute (IJL) is a fundamental and applied research laboratory in the science and engineering of materials and processes, IJL is a multi-thematic laboratory, it covers: materials, metallurgy, plasmas, surfaces, nanomaterials and electronics. The IJL is a joint research unit (UMR 7198) of the CNRS and the University of Lorraine. It is attached to the CNRS Institute of Chemistry. Created in 2009, it now has 550 people (37 researchers, 134 teacher-researchers, 98 engineers, technicians and administrators, 150 doctoral students, 35 post-docs, 46 visitors, more than 100 interns), located on 3 sites in Nancy, Metz and Epinal. The Institute's “Microstructure and Stresses” research team, based in Nancy, has extensive experience in characterizing phase transformations of metal alloys and relationships with stresses during thermal, mechanical or thermomechanical treatments. This is accompanied by fine characterization by microscopy (SEM, TEM) and in the modeling of the associated mechanisms to explain and estimate the link between the microstructure and the properties of metallic alloys.

    Eligibility criteria

    The French Fab Metallurgy project focuses on manufacturing processes for large forgings. It aims to better understand and reduce the heterogeneity of the microstructure of steel. Experiences in experimental thermo-mechanical behavior and SEM is highly desirable.

    Additional comments

    Applicants must have a PhD's degree in the field of materials or metallurgy.

    Web site for additional job details

    https: //

    Required Research Experiences
  • Chemistry

  • 1 - 4

  • Physics

  • 1 - 4

  • Technology

  • 1 - 4

    Offer Requirements
  • Chemistry: Master Degree or equivalent

    Physics: Master Degree or equivalent

    Technology: Master Degree or equivalent

  • FRENCH: Basic

    Contact Information
  • Organisation/Company: CNRS
  • Department: Institut Jean Lamour
  • Organisation Type: Public Research Institution
  • Website: https://
  • Country: France
  • City: NANCY
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