Researcher or Doctoral Researcher (1-3 positions) and Postdoctoral Research Fellow (1 position) (Field Robotics) /Tutkija tai väitöskirjatutkija (1-3 tehtävää) ja tutkijatohtori (1 tehtävä), (liikkuvien työkoneiden robotiikka)

Tampere University of Technology


September 30, 2021


Tampere University and Tampere University of Applied Sciences create a unique environment for multidisciplinary, inspirational and high-impact research and education. Our universities community has its competitive edges in technology, health and society. www.

Prof. Jouni Mattila leads the research group on mobile manipulation with nearly 20 researchers, at the faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences (ENS) in Tampere University, Finland. We are with Intelligent Hydraulics and Automation (IHA) group doing interdisciplinary research in the field of mobile working machine automation, by the bridging of theory and practice with cooperation with industry.

Our group has a proven track-record in R&D-projects dealing with heavy-duty mobile working machines (such as mining robots, forest machines, excavators and material handlers) relevant to Finland-based high-tech companies in both academic and technology transfer projects. Our real-world robotics research focus is on autonomous mobile working machines, heavy-duty mobile manipulator motion/force controls, machine learning and in their systems engineering. We have published widely on these topics, and we are very excited that several of our developments are already running on commercial systems around the globe. Our graduates have virtually 100% success rate to be employed by local World leading OEMs or by their ecosystem. We carry out our research on full-scale experimental systems at our outdoors lab and with shared research infrastructure with our OEM collaborators, see test ground for mobile machines

Job description

We are looking for Researchers or Doctoral Researchers (1-3 positions) or a Postdoctoral Research Fellow (1 position) on our R&D-projects. Research topics include autonomous mobile working machines (sensor fusion and SLAM), whole-body motion estimation and motion/force controls for rough terrain mobile manipulators (non-linear control engineering) and machine learning in real-world robotics applications. The work is mainly composed of development activities, including algorithm and software development, setting of experimental systems, collecting data and performing experiments related to research projects such as in our currently running projects e.g. EU Research and Innovation Action (RIA) STREAM and FEMMA and TITAN

Our research and development goals are ambitious, and so are the anticipated techniques and tools to be applied. However, we do not expect you to be a master of everything when you start: your concrete tasks will be tailored based on your previous knowledge and current interests. So, do not hesitate to apply!


We appreciate the following:

• Courses taken and prior knowledge in some of the following areas: Nonlinear Control Engineering, Robotics, Machine Learning, Electric drives, Signal Processing, Computer Science, Software Engineering, Applied Mathematics, Data Engineering. • Programming experience in one of the languages and environments: Matlab/Simulink, C, C++, Python

Qualification requirements for the Researcher are applicable master's degree and the ability and motivation to conduct independent research within research projects.

We offer

The Researcher and Doctoral Researcher positions will be full-time for fixed- term 2 – 3 years and the Postdoctoral Researcher position will be fixed-term for 3 years. The expected starting date is as soon as possible, or as mutually agreed upon by both parties. A trial period of six (6) months applies to all our new employees.

The salary will be based on both the job demands and the employee's personal performance in accordance with the University Salary System. The positions of a Researcher and Doctoral Researcher are placed on the job demand level 2-4 and the Postdoctoral researcher position is placed on the job demand level 5 (the demand level chart for the teaching and research staff). In addition, employees will receive performance-based salary. Typical starting salary for Researcher or Doctoral Researcher is around 2400 eur. The typical starting salary for Postdoctoral Research is around 3400 eur.

We offer a wide range of staff benefits, such as occupational health care, flexible working hours, excellent sports facilities on campus and several restaurants and cafés on campus with staff discounts. Please read more about working at Tampere Universities.

We are inviting you to be a part of a vibrant, active and truly international research community. Interdisciplinarity is highly encouraged, as it allows you to expand your research network and exposes you to new perspectives and ideas to solve complex real-world research problems with high impact and pursue novel research findings. We have a strong commitment to the highest level of scientific research and the provision of high-quality doctoral education.

How to apply

Please submit your application through our online recruitment system. The closing date for applications is September 30, 2021 (at 23:59 EEST / 20:59 UTC ).

Applications and all accompanying documentation should be written in English, and in PDF format. Please note that applicants may be invited to participate to an interview throughout the application time and therefore we encourage to apply as soon as possible.

Applications should include the following documents:

• Curriculum Vitae • Transcript of studies • Short motivation letter (incl. research directions)

For more information

Please contact: Professor Jouni Mattila, tel. +358 40 8490244, email: jouni.mattila (at)

---- Tampereen yliopisto ja Tampereen ammattikorkeakoulu muodostavat yhdessä Suomen toiseksi suurimman monitieteisen, innostavan ja vaikuttavan tutkimus- ja oppimisyhteisön. Korkeakouluyhteisömme osaamiskärjet ovat tekniikka, terveys ja yhteiskunta. Lue lisää: www.

IHA:n tutkimusta ohjaavat strategiset painopistealueet ovat autonomiset liikkuvat työkoneet, digitaalihydrauliikka, raskaan kaluston robotiikka ja hybriditekniikka, joissa läpileikkaavana teknologiana toimii automaatio. Näiden neljän toisiaan tukevan painopistealueen avulla IHA:n tavoitteena on säilyttää asema yhtenä tärkeimmistä globaaleista tutkimuslaitoksista työkoneautomaation alueella. Tutkimuksen tavoitteena on kehittää uusia innovatiivisia teknologioita ympäristövaikutukset vahvasti huomioiden, joissa työkoneiden sähköistymisratkaisut ovat avainasemassa. Tutkimusstrategiaa ohjaa kolme keskeistä periaatetta: poikkitieteellinen tutkimus, teorian ja käytännön yhdistäminen sekä yhteistyö teollisuuden kanssa.

Haemme Prof. Mattilan tutkimusryhmään Innovatiivinen hydrauliikka ja automatiikka 1-3 kokoaikaista tutkijaa ja/tai väitöskirjatutkijaa sekä yhtä tutkijatohtoria.


Työtehtävät muodostuvat erilaisista autonomisiin liikkuvin työkoneisiin ja niiden robotiikkaan liittyvien tutkimusprojektien kehitystehtävistä, kuten ohjausalgoritmien kehityksestä, kokeiden valmistelusta, datankeruusta, kokeiden suorittamisesta ja täydenskaalan demoissa avustamisesta.


Lue tarkemmat tiedot tehtävästä ja hakuohjeet yllä olevasta englanninkielisestä ilmoituksesta. Jätäthän hakemuksesi yliopiston sähköisellä hakulomakkeella (linkki löytyy tämän ilmoituksen alta). Hakuaika tehtävään päättyy 30.9.2021 klo 23.59

Application period starts: 2021-08-27 15:00Application period ends: 2021-09-30 23:59

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