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December 31, 2023
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27 Sep 2023

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Biological sciences

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Recognised Researcher (R2)



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31 Dec 2023 - 00:00 (Europe/Paris)

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1 Jan 2024

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Not funded by an EU programme

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KEYWORDS Adaptive immunology, Oncoimmunology, Immunosurveillance, Cell biology.

CORRESPONDING SPECIALIZED SCIENTIFIC COMMISSIONS (CSS) CSS5: Immunology, Microbiology, Infection, CSS2: Oncology, genetic diseases


Cancer development is controlled by interactions with immune cells (T cells and ohers) and non-immune cells (fibroblasts, endothelial cells). Recent discoveries over the past three decades about the immune recognition of cancer cells have significantly provided a new conceptual framework for developping new therapies using the power of immune cells. Along these lines, how the improve antitumoral immune responses to cure cancer patients remains an open question. Also, the existence of some immunotherpies such as immune checkpoint blockades, therapeutic vaccines or CAR-T had shown impresive results, most patients remains refractorus. In this respect, to improve such treatment a better comprehension of the immune cells involved will be beneficial for the development of new therapies. One of the aims of the recruited researcher will be to characterize the underlying mechanisms that can restrain cancer immiunotherapies.

As a PI, the recruited researcher is expected to develop an original theme built on his/her expertise in immunology and, ideally, on cancer. Alternatively, we will also consider candidates with expertise in cell biology, given that the team/unit scientists will provide complementary expertise in oncology or immunology. This objective will commit interdisciplinary projects with abroad biologists or pharmacochemists, to contribute to the development of fundamental cellular immunology in the framework of the RIGHT scientific strategy.


The recruited researcher is expected to develop an original multidisciplinary project that will generate innovative concepts and models breaking technological barriers. This work will be the source of publications in leading specialized and generalist journals (rank A), of valorization (patent, industrial collaboration) and of oral communications at international congresses/conferences/workshops.


Research Field

Biological sciences

Education Level

PhD or equivalent



It is expected the recruited researcher to become rapidly a group leader in the team. So the candidate should demonstrate ability to supervise Ph.D students, post-doctoral fellow and technical support staff. She/he should have the capacity to obtain competitive funding to manage her/his group. Successful candidates are chosen by a selection commission composed of six to ten members, the majority of whom are specialists in the fields of research concerned. The commission carries out an initial examination of the applications, focused in particular on candidate experience and skills relative to the research project presented above. A shortlist of candidates is then selected for interview. Only candidates selected by the selection committee on the basis of their applications will be invited to interview. The interviews are followed by a deliberation during which selection commission will discuss the quality, originality and, where appropriate, the interdisciplinarity of the research projects presented by the candidates, their motivation and their scientific and teaching supervision capacity.

Job opening: from January 1, 202

RESEARCHER PROFILE Scientist, physician or pharmacist with a PhD in biological or health sciences with a postdoctoral experience.

YOUR APPLICATION WILL BE EVALUATED ACCORDING TO THE FOLLOWING CRITERIA Beyond the usual bibliometric indicators (e.g. publications, communications), several criteria will be evaluated.

  • Relevance and originality of the project related to the research field
  • Integration within the RIGHT scientific strategy
  • Ability to raise funds
  • Ability to lead a team…
  • Research Field

    Biological sciences
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    PARTNER INSTITUTIONS Inserm « Institut national de la Santé et de la recherche médicale », Université de Bourgogne Franche-Comté, EFS (Etablissement Français du Sang), UMR1098 RIGHT

    STRATEGY OF THE HOST LABORATORY UMR1098 RIGHT (Regulation of Immunity for therapeutic innovation in Graft- Host-Tumoral and inflammatory associated diseases) studies the immune system, focusing on the relationship between the immune system and a transplanted organ, graft or tumor. The study of these interactions enables the development of new treatments based on biological drugs to modulate the immune system to prevent it from rejecting a graft or, on the contrary, to make it more capable of eliminating a tumor. These drugs may be immune system cells or factors. The treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases with biologics is also a focus of the unit's research. Finally, the unit seeks to identify immune system parameters (known as biomarkers) that can be used to predict the evolution of transplantation, chronic inflammatory diseases or cancers. RIGHT unit benefits from its tiple affiliation with the INSERM, University of Bourgogne Franche-Comté and the French Blood Bank (EFS : Etablissement Français du Sang). It is developing in a multidisciplinary context relying on a strong community of experts in Biology, Medical oncology, Pharmacists with whom collaborations are favored by grant programs led by the graduate school INTHERAPI (Innovative Therapies, Pharmaco-imaging and multimodal Imaging). The researchers, professors, associate professors and clinicians of RIGHT have the shared ambition of conducting fundamental research related to therapeutic applications in the field of immunotherapy. The unit is thus made up of two teams with complementary research programs. The TAI-IT team focuses her research on transplantation immunology and on inflammatory associated disease. The TICI (Therapeutic Innovation in Cancer Immunology) team focuses her research on cancer immunology. The recent successes of anti-tumor immunotherapy in multiple cancers underline the central role of immunity in this pathology. Although revolutionary, this therapeutic approach is not yet delivering the expected results for all patients. It is against this backdrop that the TICI team, headed by Prof. Olivier Adotevi (MD-PhD) and co-directed by Prof. Yann Godet (PhD), has been set up to address the scientific challenges raised by anti-tumor immunotherapy. In this attractive context, but also in the perspective to strengthen the fundamental aspect of immunology of the team, the recruitment of a young researcher would make it possible to reinforce this challenging theme, to contribute to the development of innovative research within the immuno- oncology axis and thus to preserve the competitiveness and ambition of the RIGHT project. More information : - website : https: // - Linkedin : https: // www.

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